Dodge Journey Years To Avoid: In-Depth Guide

Dodge is one of the most well-known car brands that provide excellent vehicles. For many years this brand rocked the market, and many people prefer Dodge cars for many reasons. Dodge Journey is a mid-size crossover SUV that was first launched in 2009.

Those vehicles are still at the top of the list even today in 2023(present). However, it doesn’t mean that Dodge Journey was at its top form every single year since some models have some significant drawbacks that you must know if you want to purchase this car.

In this article, I will mention the years to avoid the Dodge Journey model and discuss the issues. So, let’s get started!

Which Are Dodge Journey’s Years To Avoid?

Even though the Dodge Journey is known for the quality that it provides, yet if you want to make the best purchase and get the best out of your car, then you need to know that there are some years to be avoided.

Knowing which years to avoid is the best for you to be able to choose the right vehicle with extraordinary features and minimum issues. Honestly, it’s upsetting that there are many years that you should avoid this car, such as 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012.

Dodge Journey was not at its top form during these years, and there were so many issues that people faced. However, I will discuss all of them in detail.

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Why Avoid These Years? – Reasons and Issues

As you already are aware of the years that you need to avoid, yet again, I guess this is not enough since you should also know the reasons why to do so and what are the issues that you might deal with.

Each year has a different story that I have to mention, and 2009 is the worst year of the Dodge Journey with many significant issues.

2009 Issues

Interestingly, 2009 was the year that Dodge Journey was launched, yet it is the worst version of it with so many issues.

Things didn’t work well in 2009, and the most noticeable issue with this model were the brakes. Many people complained about them a lot; the most common issue was the premature break wear and the noisiness.

Noteworthy is also the electrical issues. Many people have had difficulties starting and turning over the engine which is one of the worst things that you might deal with.

But that’s not all, the Dodge Journey 2009 had some interior accessories, wheels, and heater issues as well.

Besides all of these, I can’t skip this part without mentioning the transmission problems that this vehicle had. It was just an experimental car, and the brand tried to fix these issues in the coming years.

2010 Issues

Everybody who was a fan of Dodge had so many expectations, and they wanted to see improvements in 2010. However, it didn’t happen that way, and the Dodge Journey appeared on the market exactly with the same issues that the 2009 model had.

There were still electrical issues, and most people had difficulties turning over or starting their vehicles. The breaks issues were still there, which was the main drawback of this car.

People who complained were less when compared to 2009, yet still, the issues were the same as the previous year, and honestly, this was the disappointing part about the Dodge Journey.

2011 Issues

2011 was the year when the Dodge Journey appeared in a better way and with some improvements in some cases. This was good news for those that love this car brand a lot and the ones that wanted to purchase this car.

However, there were still brakes issues, but not as in the previous years. Whereas, there was a huge improvement in the engine issues. Accordingly, the problems with interior accessories and transmission issues were available with some slight upgrades as well.

2012 Issues

I don’t know what was the reason behind it, yet Dodge wasn’t able to fix all the issues with brakes, and the Doge Journey that appeared in 2012 still had some specific brake problems.

The premature brake wear is worth mentioning, and the ones that had the Dodge Journey of 2012 need to deal with that. Some still faced electrical and also internal accessories problems like instrument cluster failure.

Even though there were a lot of complaints about the brakes, engine issues were still available, and the brand’ wasn’t able to fix them. Premature head failure and stalled engines were the most common things that people complained about.

Which Dodge Journey Years Are Worth Purchasing?

You need to know that not all the Dodge Journey models are a waste of money, and the models of specific years come at their best.

If you want to make the right pick, then the Dodge Journey 2017 is the car you should go for. It appears to be with minimum issues and has a lot to offer.

However, also 2013 is worth considering since the engine and brake issues are almost fixed totally. Accordingly, the 2016 and 2015 models are upgraded versions, and they show up with huge improvements in the engine, brakes, and transmission.

Is Dodge Journey A Great Investment?

Dodge Journey is always a vehicle that you need to consider since it is a well-known brand. So, if you want to purchase a great mid-size SUV, then it would be a great idea.

Yet again, you should stay away from those years that have some drawbacks and struggle in many categories. Basically, if you want to avoid the dark sides of the dodge Journey then you better consider the models that have some significant improvements.

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Final Words

As you already know which years you should avoid Dodge Journey deciding the right purchase is easy. Like many other brands, also the dodge Journey has its struggles, yet it always comes with some improvements and tries to keep the drivers safe and satisfied.

What you need to do is just stay away from mentioned years and get the job done!

I hope you liked this article and found value in it.