Meet The Team

Meet our team

Our editorial team consists of experts in the auto industry, such as auto mechanics, auto electricians, tire technicians, auto instructors and more.

Berardo Ricci

Auto Mechanic & Garage Owner

I am an auto mechanic, and I’ve put my hands in more than 1,000 cars in my lifetime. I like troubleshooting and working on cars even on my free time. I write about all kinds of vehicle problems for DriveCanvas.

Raju Raman

Automotive Journalist

When I was a child, i had a love at first sight situation. I fell in love with a 1995 Bentley Turbo R and I’ve been heavily into the Automotive world ever since. I am an independent car journalist.

Joseph Maurer

Instructor & car Enthusiast

I’ve been working as a driving instructor for the past 10 years in Frankfurt, Germany. I love giving driving lessons, because cars are definitely one of my biggest passions. I own a BMW 7 series & an E-Class. I’m a German after all!

Lucas Hoover

Car Enthusiast & Product Tester

I own a few cars and a garage where I test car accessories and parts. Working in cars is one of my biggest hobbies, and it was the reason I retired much earlier than I had to. I love it!

Harley Lynn

Truck Enthusiast & Product Tester

I’ve owned more than 25 different trucks & cars during my lifetime. I can say that I love vehicles more than anything in my life. I also work at a local car dealership, so i get to experience new cars every day!

Karl O’Brian

Product Tester

I test various products in the car & truck space. I make sure they go through detailed & heavy testing. Oh, and I’m a proud Ford F350 and Porsche Macan owner.

Tobias Olsen

Product Tester & Automotive Electrician

I’ve worked in the automotive electronics field for more than 10 years, so we can say that I know a thing or two about cars. I am responsible for testing car products and accessories on Drivecanvas.

Dylan Garth

Automotive Journalist & Car Enthusiast

I’ve worked as a Journalist for two popular automotive magazines in the Britain. I’ve also managed a few blogs in the automotive industry for a few years. I’m a huge fan of Porsches!

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If you have experience in the auto industry, you can work for us!