About Us

What is drivercanvas?

DriveCanvas is a Blog/Platform dedicated to helping all drivers with their vehicles. Whether you have a problem with your vehicle or you are looking to buy some accessories for your car, we have a team of experts ready to solve it for you.

What Makes Us Different?

Unlike on other websites, all writers on DriverCanvas have experience in the automobile industry.

Some of our writers are mechanics, some work in automobile dealerships, some in auto schools etc.

We also test every product before we recommend it to our readers, and we write based on first-hand experience.

Meet our team

Our editorial team consists of experts in the auto industry, such as auto mechanics, auto electricians, tire technicians, auto instructors and more.

Berardo Ricci

Auto Mechanic & Garage Owner

Raju Raman

Automotive Journalist

Joseph Maurer

Driving Instructor & car Enthusiast

Lucas Hoover

Car Enthusiast & Product Tester

Harley Lynn

Truck Enthusiast & Product Tester

Karl O’Brien

Product Tester

Tobias Olsen

Product Tester & Automotive Electrician

Dylan Garth

Automotive Journalist & Car Enthusiast

What Does our Product Research process look like?

Every product we review or recommend on this website, goes through a very detailed and careful testing process. Here’s how it looks:


We first look at the most popular products in a specific category


We order some products which think will be a good candidate for our testing


The products go through various testing, such as durability tests, reliability tests and see if it meets our standards.


After we get the test results, we compile them all, analyze them, compare them to other products and write a review based on our findings.

We’re hiring

If you have experience in the auto industry, you can work for us!