Goodyear Vs. Firestone: A Detailed Comparison

Whenever we talk about car parts in general and need to purchase anything extra or super-needed for our vehicles, tires are surely the number one thinking.

However, as many amazing brands launch tires, I will stop at two quite famous names, they are Goodyear vs. Firestone! They are two impressive brands that launch some of the greatest tires ever made and used.

How do these brands differ from one another? Which one is better? Let’s find everything out!

Goodyear vs. Firestone: How Do They Differ?

Goodyear and Firestone are two brands that first came to the world around the 1990s and since then, they have become preferable brands of tires that launch some of the most used tires for different types of vehicles.

The tires from Goodyear and Firestone are indeed great names and they bring out immersive tires to use with many different things and technologies, but still, they do have their differences through which you can understand which ones are better.

Let me go through all the things you need to know about Goodyear and Firestone tires so that you can distinguish them and purchase the best tires out there!

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Types: Goodyear and Firestone

First and foremost, an important thing to know about the tires is the types they come with, and choose the right ones for you.

Goodyear launches four groups of tires: all-season tires, winter tires, all-terrain tires, sport performance tires, and fuel-efficient tires.

Firestone, on the other hand, launches five groups, including all-season tires, maximum traction tires, performance tires, all-terrain tires, and winter tires.

Based on the groups of tires they launch the winner seems to be Firestone as there is one more choice when compared to Goodyear.

Features and Technologies: Goodyear and Firestone

Something in tires that many people call smart tires is the technologies they have within, and both Goodyear and Firestone aren’t left out in this part as they surely include technologies.

Goodyear owns these types of technologies:

  • Durawall – this technology is the one that deals with the stability of the tires, in any road condition. It is mostly linked to ice, snow, rain, and others. With this technology, you will be safe in any weather condition.
  • TreadLock – the TreadLock technology helps you be safe too but in this case with traction! You won’t be pushed down in any way, as the Goodyear tires with this technology will keep you on the road.
  • Active Braking – Active Braking technology is what brings out confidence while on the road! It is specifically made to help you stop immediately and reduce the stopping distance in a moment.

When it comes to Firestone, it owns:

  • 5-Pitch Noise Reduction – hence the name, this noise reduction technology will not allow any noise when you drive, and most importantly it is linked to the comfort the drivers are provided with. No noise, better driving!
  • Dual-Layer Tread – this technology on Firestone tires brings out the traction. Just like in the Goodyear tires, in Firestone, you will be on the road without being pushed in any way.
  • Zig-Zag Sipes – this technology, otherwise called pattern is specifically made for icy roads and they help you not slide during these harsh conditions of weather.

The technologies are the parts of a tire that make it good enough for everything you need, and as you can notice, tires from both brands Goodyear and Firestone include different names of technologies, with similar purposes.

Of course, not to forget the noise reduction feature in Firestone which kind of makes these tires slightly better, especially for people who hate noise when driving.

Performance: Goodyear and Firestone

In terms of performance, there isn’t something special to mention, as it is all linked to the technologies and features these types of tires own.

It all depends on the types of tires you choose (the ones I mentioned above) and based on them, you will find both Goodyear and Firestone amazing.

Something special to mention is that the winter tires of Goodyear are indeed perfect during the harshest winters you may be experiencing, and they don’t allow any unexpected incidents.

Expenses and Warranties: Goodyear and Firestone

The money you give on tires is surely an important thing to consider as there are brands that launch tires with high prices meanwhile there are others that are cheap enough.

When comparing Goodyear and Firestone, I have noticed that Goodyear tires are a little bit more expensive, starting from 150$ per tire, meanwhile, the Firestone tires are more affordable and that’s in general for all types of tires.

About warranty, Goodyear has a 30-day return policy, meanwhile, Firestone brings out an amazing 90-day buy-and-try. Overall, in Firestone tires, you will find a warranty of 4 years and in Goodyear, it is shorter.

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Final Words

So, here we are at the end of this comparison article, in which I mentioned some of the key features of Goodyear and Firestone tires that need to be compared, so, you can choose the best ones for your vehicle.

An important fact to mention is that whichever types of tires you choose from these two brands you will be more than satisfied as they both know the needs of their customers and they don’t let them suffer at this part.

However, as you already notice through the article above, when it comes to choices in types of tires, affordability, and technologies Firestone tires are surely in the first place and the winner of this article! Still, don’t forget that winter tires from Goodyear are perfect during the harsh winters.

Without confusing you anymore, I hope the article helped you choose between these two amazing brands! Good luck!