Goodyear vs. Kumho: Head To Head Comparison

Once again, I am writing an article where I will compare two brands of tires, from which you can choose the different types of tires your vehicle needs.

So, the main point of this article is to find the differences and similarities between Goodyear vs. Kumho!

Without further ado, I want to immediately start this article, and tell you everything you need to know about these two tire brands!

Goodyear vs. Kumho – How Do They Differ?

Goodyear and Kumho are two brands that work on launching the same things and their main purpose is to bring their customers the tires they need for their cars or any other vehicle.

Now that I mention it, it feels a bit weird since Goodyear is super famous meanwhile Kumho is still marking its way through the market but comparing them, makes Kumho a great competitor and a runner-up on becoming one of the best brands that launch some great tires!

After all, they are great competitors on the market, so let me start comparing them while being more stuck on the key features that tires own!

Types/Families: Goodyear and Kumho

First and foremost, I want to mention to you some of the types of tires that you can choose from Goodyear and Kumho so that you have a clearer idea when it comes to choosing the tires you need from them and basically choose the right ones!

Goodyear is a brand that brings out quite a considerable number of types of tires including Assurance, Eagle, WinterCommand, Ultra-Grip, Wrangler, Excellence, EfficientGrip, Frontera, Fierce, and Integrity.

Kumho, on the other hand, includes types of tires such as Kumho ECSTA, SOLUS, WINTERCRAFT, CRUGEN, I*ZEN, and ROAD VENTURE.

Is there a winner?

If you want to have a winner in this category, there is nothing I can say about it, because each tire type brings out its specialties. Still, when it comes to the number of types they bring out, you can clearly notice that in Goodyear, you have more to choose from!

Durability: Goodyear and Kumho

These tire companies, Goodyear and Kumho, have a specific feature in mind and it is the durability their tires have when used by their customers, and let me say that they both achieve impressive success in this part.

Goodyear tires are some of the most amazing types of tires when it comes to the durability they offer in different road and weather conditions you may find yourself at.

On the other hand, we have Kumho which is also perfect in terms of durability, using materials that can withstand mud and ice in many places.

Is there a winner?

As said, both these brands are amazing in the category of durability, but still, even though Kumho tries with every force to beat Goodyear, the last mentioned is surely a beast in terms of durability. The winner in the part of durability is surely Goodyear!

Quality and Performance: Goodyear and Kumho

The good quality and the whole performance of a tire will always be shown on the road, and these two brands have some specifications in this part!

Goodyear is the brand that is known for its tires’ performance and to be honest with you they surely know the word comfort on the road. Kumho doesn’t stay behind in this part as it also knows how to bring impressive quality.

Is there a winner?

The only difference here that shows the winner of the performance part is that Goodyear launches every tire with immersive quality, meanwhile, in Kumho, you will find the all-seasonal ones better at work.

Once again, Goodyear is in first place when it comes to tire quality and performance during different road conditions!

Expenses and Affordability: Goodyear and Kumho

Goodyear, being a top-notch brand in the market of tires, launches more expensive tires when compared to Kumho which is a brand that is still rising.

They both offer good value for everything their tires bring out to the users, as it is all related to the features these tires own.

Is there a winner?

In case you are searching for tires but still, don’t want to spend too much money on them, the right winner for you would be Kumho, as it launches some of the most affordable tires in the whole market, and it is a great affordable brand when compared to many others.

Warranty: Goodyear and Kumho

Something else that is quite important in choosing the winner of this article stands on the warranty that the brands Goodyear and Kumho provide you with.

The warranty of tires can only be shown on checking out the miles you can drive them along, and there is an overall specification given from both brands and it is the fact that both Goodyear and Kumho can last 80,000 miles.

Is there a winner?

Even though both brands have the same warranty in miles, there is something else that makes Kumho a winner in this part! Kumho, an affordable and not-so-famous brand, achieves the same warranty specifications as a prominent name such as Goodyear. There is no doubt that Kumho wins this part!

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Final Words

Here we are at the end of this article, and I can surely say that the winner is definitely Goodyear! Yet again, you shouldn’t forget that Kumho is a runner-up in becoming a great and one of the most famous brands of tires in the world!

As said at the beginning, Kumho is still creating a path in the tire market and I can proudly say that s a professional, noticing their steps, I am sure they will achieve the most prominent name prices.

I hope you liked what you read thus far and now you can choose your favorite tire brand. Happy driving!