Can You Drive With Broken Motor Mounts? (Answered)

The most essential component in any vehicle or industrial equipment is the engine. Motor mounts, also known as engine mounts, are vital to the motor’s existence. So before we discuss driving with broken motor mounts, let’s see what they’re exactly for, how they’re built and how to tell when they’re going bad.

Purpose of Motor Mounts

The motor mounts have a very important role, not just for the engine but also for the surrounding parts. We have 3 or 4 motor mounts, depending on the engine, and their purpose is to hold the engine stable which is not any light task because of the intense vibrations of the internal combustion. If the engine isn’t stable, nor does it only get damaged from the constant impact but it also damages all the other parts it hits in the process, and since the engine works at a very high rate there are plenty of hits. This is why motor mounts are so essential.

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Motor Mounts’ Structure

Motor mounts are rubber, and there’s a reason for that. Not only is rubber cost-effective, it’s also a perfect fit for this role. Being a good impact-absorbing material, not only is it best to minimalize damage from the constant impact the engine would make with the surrounding parts but it’s also best for vibration and noise cancelation. There are also hydraulic motor mounts that are filled with gel or liquid. They serve the same purpose, though they are more expensive yet don’t last as long as regular motor mounts.

Types Of Motor Mounts

  • Polyurethane motor mounts have a longer lifespan than usual motor mounts, though they need re-greasing every few years, they’re more expensive, and they aren’t as soft.
  • Electronic Motor Mounts can adapt depending on the vibrations of the engine. They have a counter-shake system, which makes them work against the vibrations of the engine by vibrating in the other way.
  • Resilient Motor Mounts aren’t used in cars instead, they’re used in blowers and fans. They hold the motor in a suspended position, minimalizing impact.
  • Transmission Mounts are the mounts that hold the transmission stable.
  • Pump Motor Mounts are used in hydraulic pumps.

Symptoms Of Damaged Motor Mounts

First and foremost, you’ll feel it by the increased vibrations coming from the front of your car. Another way to tell if they’re going bad is by the noise it makes. When starting it up, you may hear some rattling, and when you hit a bump you’ll most likely hear an additional thump sound that you weren’t used to beforehand. Your driving will most likely be less smooth too, since the transmission is bolted together with the engine, a bad motor mount will slightly impact your gear shifting. Motor mount wear and tear is normal, and if you experience any of these symptoms, you should check the mounts on your engine because they might well be going bad.

Driving With Broken Motor Mounts

Driving with broken motor mounts is not a good idea. It won’t just damage the engine and its surrounding components but it will also affect the performance of your car. The longer you drive with damaged motor mounts, the worse their condition gets. That results in the engine shaking more and impacting itself and possibly the transmission, some parts of the cooling system, and some sensors over and over again. When it comes to the performance, you can feel it in the shifting, in the braking and in the vibrations, which will make your driving a bad experience, and maybe a dangerous one.

How Long Can You Drive With Bad Motor Mounts?

Depending on their condition, from the first signs of wear and tear you can probably go as long as 3 or 4 months with bad motor mounts until the condition gets really bad and ultimately, undrivable. Though as we mentioned before, this isn’t a good idea, neither for your safety nor for your car’s health.

Fixing Bad Motor Mounts

How Much Do They Cost?

Different motor mounts cost different prices. The usual rubber motor mount cost ranges from 10$ to 50$, while the hydraulic or electronic motor mounts have a slightly heftier price, ranging from 50$ to 200$.

Do You Need To Change All Of Them?

No, you can only change the damaged ones. Though bear in mind, you need to check all of them since the increased vibration of the engine from a single damaged mount can result in the rest of the mounts also loosening up.

How Much Does The Labor Cost?

The labor cost depends on the position of your engine and how difficult it is to access it. It also depends on the number of motor mounts you need to be changed, and the type of motor mounts you have installed, though generally, the price of labor ranges from 200$ to 600$.

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Don’t drive with bad motor mounts if you don’t have to, and watch out for the symptoms we mentioned above. If you’re experiencing any of them, check with your mechanic, it might be just them that causes the problem. And remember, driving with damaged mounts can further damage your car, and can put your safety in danger. Take the hit on your wallet and fix your mounts.