Subaru Forester Years To Avoid (In-Depth Guide)

The first Subaru Forester was launched in 1997, and it is still at the top of the list when we discuss some amazing small SUVs. Subaru Forester promises quality and a perfectly built engine so you can experience various adventures.

However, not all the years of the Subaru Forester are equally manufactured, indicating that there are some particular years of this vehicle that you should stay away from. For making the right purchase, you must know those years that aren’t worth purchasing.

Due to these reasons, in this article, I will mention the years of the Subaru Forester that should be avoided; besides it, I will also discuss the best versions of this vehicle.

Which Years Of Subaru Forester Should Be Avoided?

When it comes to buying the best version of the Subaru Forester, there are some special cases that you must consider if you don’t want your purchase to be a waste of money.

Not all the models are the best Subaru Forester since in some years, the small SUVs of this brand showed up with so many issues that you have to deal with. Basically, it is always better to know the years that you should avoid and focus on the greatest ones.

This vehicle was in the market for two decades, and surely in some particular years, they struggled in manufacturing the best version of their vehicle. Whatever, the worst years of the Subaru Forester that might be a disappointment for you are 2009, 2010, 2014, 2015, 2017, and 2019.

The first generation of Subaru Forester shares many issues is common so I will discuss them in one section; meanwhile, others have some different problems when compared to the first generation.

Why Avoid Those Years Of Subaru Forester?

Since most of the years have some distinct issues, it is better to discuss those years one by one and in detail, instead of mentioning common issues.

2009 and 2010 – Issues

The Subaru Forester had some significant issues in 2009 and 2010, and both years shared the same problems. Owners had many complaints about failed head gaskets which is a significant issue that makes the engine work harder to provide sufficient power.

However, also some reported engine failure, and it was a noteworthy problem for most owners that were driving the Subaru Forester. Besides it, some noticed that the vehicle accelerated most of the time even if wasn’t necessary.

2014 Issues

As I have stated above, there are many years of Subaru Forester that are better to avoid, yet the 2014 model is the worst one ever, and it is equipped with so many significant issues. It is known as the model with many drawbacks and so many complaints.

Noteworthy are the engine, suspension, and transmission problems. There are many others to be mentioned, but when we compare them to the issues mentioned above, they are simply nothing.

The 2014 model of Subaru is the most specific one that you must avoid; otherwise, you will have to deal with so many things. One of the most crucial issues was the extensive oil consumption, and most owners had to spend a lot on this.

However, some have stated that the engine failed many times while they were driving. Besides these, what many people reported was also the broken coil springs indicating that they weren’t able to drive at all.

Imagine all of those engine and suspension issues combined with some transmission and AC issues as well. It is just terrible, right?

2015 Issues

As you already know that the 2014 model is the worst one; it seems like the 2015 Subaru Forester is the best runner-up in this case. Most of the issues that I mentioned for the 2014 models are available in this one as well.

The most significant problem is the rapid oil consumption, which is related to the engine of the vehicle. Interestingly, many owners also said that there were unexpected accelerations, and the engine died while they were driving.

Also, some transmission and accessories issues were available in this model of Subaru Forester. This one wasn’t, and it is still not a great idea.

2017 Issues

However, the 2017 model Subaru Forester is like an upgraded version when compared to the previous ones, and the brand did so many improvements, yet there were still some engine and transmission issues that come along with electrical problems as well.

Many have had struggles with the Air conditioning and airbag as well. Some owners have noticed that their vehicle is shuddering and jerking most of the time which is related to transmission issues.

2019 Issues

When it comes sot the 2019 Subaru Forester, I would like to state that there were so many improvements and the engine issues are fewer.

Yet the vehicle had some electrical problems indicating for bad battery, and most owners reported that the battery died faster. Accordingly, the vehicle had also some interior accessories and windshield issues.

Best Years Of Subaru Forester

I guess that you have created an opinion about the years you have to avoid, yet there is still something to be mentioned since you still don’t know which are the best years of the Subaru Forester.

Besides those “dark years”, the Subaru Forester in some specific years did a mesmerizing job, and the cars launched during those years perform at their best.

Those excellent years are – 2010, 2012, 2013, 2016, 2020, and 2021. The ones I have mentioned are the most reliable years and are worth purchasing.

Final Words

Subaru Forester is a reliable small SUV, yet like any other brand also in this one some years are better to be avoided for so many reasons. Some specific years come with many engine, transmission, and suspension issues.

Knowing the worst years of the Subaru Forester is always better to be able to make the right purchase.

Accordingly, I am sure that this article helped you a lot in finding out the years of the Subaru Forester that should be avoided and the greatest ones that are worth the money you pay.