Can Low Oil Cause Car to Not Start? (Answered)

Most people avoid the signals and the warnings that a car gives when it’s in need of something. Well, one of those signs shows whether the oil in a car is low or not. Since you’re here reading this article, you are not one of those people that avoids it apparently.

Avoiding it isn’t a good thing to do, and sure enough, it can cause bigger problems in a car. So in this article today, we’ll run through all the problems that low oil can cause. Can low oil cause car to not start? Let’s see!

In-short: Can low oil be the reason for the car to not start?

Yes, low oil can cause the car not to start and it can happen every single time you avoid that red sign in front of you whenever you are driving.

By the way, it doesn’t only cause not starting but it can shut the car off sometimes.

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Why Does it Happen? – Main Reasons

After saying that low oil can cause your car not to start, there are surely some important things to mention, as the reasons why your car cannot start.

They include lubrication, pressure, cleaning, and circulation. Let me get through them and explain them better!


Lubrication refers to the application of oil to the engine and the other parts of the vehicle, through which the pressure goes in all parts of the car and it starts running properly.

When there is low oil in those parts, the vehicle doesn’t start, as the parts don’t move, and there is no electric connection of any kind.

Also, when there is low oil in your car, there is no pressure of any kind, once again related to some of the parts of the vehicle itself. With no pressure, again the specific loss of capacity goes onto the electricity of the car itself and it won’t start.


As some of you may know, oil is one of the components in a car that cleans properly dirt and debris in the whole engine, even at its smallest parts.

When there is low oil, especially for a long period, your car isn’t cleaned as it should be and it doesn’t work properly.

Besides not turning on, your car may shut off even when driving.


Another super important reason that oil is put in your car is serving as a coolant in your engine, and when it comes to low oil levels, there is no cooling of any kind and your car won’t start.

How to Notice Your Car is Low on Oil? – Main Symptoms

The car not starting properly isn’t the only problem that low oil can bring to you, and there are a few honorary mentions I want to do, telling you what other problems low levels of oil can bring in a car.

They include light signals, overheating, stalling, excessive mileage, and noise coming from the engine!

Light Signal

The most basic and the first signal your car will give you notice on the level of oil is basically the signal that you have in front of you while driving.

It is the first warning your vehicle gives to you in order to fill it at the proper amount before undergoing other warnings, which to be honest are more important and more serious.


Related to the fact that oil is known to be a lubrication for your car, when there is no lubrication, the engine can overheat quite quickly.

Still, when it comes to overheating, your car may be left with low oil for a long time, and the moment you want to start your car, the engine and its parts overheat immediately.


Stalling is a synonym of the word stop running, and basically, it refers to the whole engine breakdown.

Shockingly enough, a reason for this problem is the oil of the car, and not only if it is low in oil, but it also depends on the type of oil you put in there if it’s quality enough or the right type of oil for your engine.

Bad Smell

Everyone knows the smell of burning oil in general, and it is indeed one of the most insupportable smells to ever smell from a car.

When you avoid the signals and you notice the overheating and avoid it again, you will be getting into more trouble such as the burning oil inside.


Whenever you drive, the engine surely does a noise, but when things become weird, and the oil is under the level of low, which is going too down, you will be dealing with a clunking noise, showing you that the engine isn’t okay and something is going on.

Not the Best Performance

Once again, when driving you feel different things, but when the level of the oil in the engine is low, there are surely lots of things to consider and lots of things will be happening!

Something I have noticed about my car is the fact that it vibrates sometimes, and doesn’t alternate as it should. When the oil is on the lowest level you won’t have the best performance while driving.

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Final Words

After all, at the end of this article, you can notice that low oil in your car can cause the car not to start, but still, it isn’t the only thing that it can do, because it relates to many other causes and problems.

However, what deserves to be mentioned is the fact that checking the signals properly, and going on to fulfill the car with oil can lead up to solving everything and not dealing with any problem that I mentioned in the article.

Here at the end, I hope that everything