Truxedo Lo Pro Review (Performance, Design & Safety)

Having a truck with a tonneau comes with its own need for some other added vehicle accessories as well, such as; a truck cover.

The truck cover helps in keeping your vehicle’s bed safe and prevents it from getting wet from any possible rainy weather condition.

There are different varieties of tonneau covers, however, this article will be mainly centered on the review of the very well-known tonneau cover, the Truxedo Lo Pro.

Truxedo Lo Pro has a great number of useful features that will be handy for anyone owning a truck with a tonneau. Check the full review below.

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The Truxedo Lo Pro cover is constructed from leather that has been covered with vinyl, which seems to be among the highest quality materials available in this particular sector of the market.

Truxedo Lo Pro- Overall Review

The Truxedo Lo Pro cover is made of a vinyl-coated leather material that appears to be one of the best quality materials that exist in this particular industry. The construction of this cover is made so that it can be long-lasting.

This particular truck cover has without a doubt one of the slimmest designs that you could find in the market. As it has a one-handed latch it is very easy to use and the operation of the cover release couldn’t get simpler.

This cover differs from some other roll-up covers because it has a gliding Velcro rail, providing you with a natural cover stretch without getting it wrinkled or loosened up.

Some specifications might be considered the main ones related to this tonneau cover; read below to find out which are those.

Key Specifications:

  • Size: 80 x 9 x 5
  • Weight: 9.5 Pounds
  • Material: Leather Grain Vinyl
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime

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A Detailed Run-Through: Truxedo Lo Pro

The review of this product will include the Truxedo Lo Pro’s design quality and durability, safety, and performance as well as some other minor important features that come along with it.

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Design Quality and Durability

The quality of this cover is great since it is made of heavy-duty vinyl; giving customers a lightweight but the same time sturdy product.

The support with this cover is possible because of the aluminum air-craft bow offering you practicability in snowy weather as well.

The Lo-profile’s design ensures that no heavy wind will destroy this product’s installation and that is a very impressive feature.

This happens because the side rails slide into the bed of the truck. And since the product sits only ¾ ‘’ beyond the truck bed cover, it lets the vehicle frame stay as it is.

The matte black color gives a very astonishing appearance to the truck improving your vehicle’s design with a soft and stylish look. All in all, it is a very durable cover with a limited lifetime warranty.


Another feature that comes along with the Truxedo Lo Pro truck cover is the safety this product offers to its users. You would not have to worry about the safety of the things that are placed within your tonneau.

Since it has a high-quality material this tonneau cover can keep your things safe from getting wet; whether it is from rain or snow. The cover fits perfectly on your vehicle with no possibility of getting loosened up once installed.


This cover provides you with a tension system with the help of which you can freely adjust the tension of the cover in proportion to the ongoing weather condition. In such a manner you have the fabric tightened up to the truck offering you a decent performance.

Even with the strongest wind, with the Truxedo Lo Pro, your personal belongings in the tonneau of the truck will be tightly secured. Except in cases of massive damage, in general, the cover will not allow any water or dirt to go through the tonneau.

Ease of use

Even if the truck cover has a good quality design it still offers you the ease of use from the start. The easy installation will be a time saver for anyone who considers purchasing it.

The instructions might claim that you will need 30 minutes to assemble it; however, this is not the case. That happens because the side rails get attached to them with the help of the C-clamps.

After mounting the side rails of the truck cover, you will have to position the head rail towards the front of the truck on top of the side rails that have just been mounted. In the end, you just slide the lock on the bulkhead rail into the side rails.

The truck cover also has a system release which helps in the mounting and dismounting being done easier. Even if it is of great design, you should be careful when rolling up the fabric so that you won’t cause any damage to it.

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Final Words

The thing with this truck cover is that it is not only sleek and of good quality, but it also provides great security in keeping your personal belongings covered. It should most definitely be checked out by truck owners in case of a truck cover need.

The assembly comes easy as well, with only some simple steps to be followed without the need of drilling holes in your truck.

With the leather-grained vinyl, the Truxedo Lo Pro manages to withstand heavy weather conditions such as rain, snow, or heavy wind. And along with that because of its outstanding great quality design, this truck cover comes with a lifetime warranty.

Hopefully, the article above gave you the needed information regarding the Truxedo Lo Pro truck cover.