Goodyear Vs. Pirelli (Full Comparison)

When you think about brands of tires, different names come to mind, and Goodyear and Pirelli are surely two of them!

Well, this article’s complete aim is to make a deeper comparison related to Goodyear vs. Pirelli!

I will compare them based on every feature a tire brand or tire, in general, can bring to the customers along with their features which are at a considerable number! Let’s get this article started!

Goodyear vs. Pirelli – Head-to-Head Comparison

Both Goodyear and Pirelli are impressive brands that know the needs of a buyer, and they are here to bring you everything you need from the most basic features to the most advanced ones.

They are two well-known brands, that started their jobs years ago, and still, they are known as the most prominent names in the industry of tires in general.

Yet again, just like every other brand, there are lots of specifications that make these two great names differ from one another. Let me mention for you some of the most important things Goodyear and Pirelli offer to their customers, so you can choose the best in between!

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Durability and Longevity: Goodyear and Pirelli

The first and most important thing a customer will look for in tires is the durability and longevity they provide the user with.

Luckily enough, when it comes to these two terms, both Goodyear and Pirelli seem to have found a great way of launching super-durable tires overall.

Whatever you choose from these two brands is made to last!

Yet again, something special to mention in this part is that when it comes to the miles of use, Goodyear can last about 85.000 miles, meanwhile, the Pirelli tires last about 90.000 miles.

Who is the winner?

There is no exact winner in this part if you need to know about the durability overall, but when it comes to miles of use, surely Pirelli is one step further!

Performance: Goodyear and Pirelli

The performance of a tire can be seen in different road conditions, and I am glad to mention that both the tires from Goodyear and Pirelli are beasts in this category.

They are known to be moving around perfectly in any kind of road you may find yourself on, and it is more than sure that you won’t be disappointed in any way!

Who is the winner?

The most exact tie in the winning category is at the performance, and that’s because both the brands, Goodyear and Pirelli are known to bring amazing tires in terms of performance.

Features and Technologies: Goodyear and Pirelli

Just like many other brands of tires, Goodyear and Pirelli bring out some amazing features to their customers, and some of them are the technologies that are included within, which indeed make the tires from these brands quite special.

The Goodyear tires include the technologies such as Durawall, HydroGrip, QuietTreatd, Silent Armour, Duraseal, ActiveBraking, EfficientGrip, and ActiveCornerGrip.

Meanwhile, when it comes to Pirelli, you will find technologies such as Pirelli Noise Cancelling System, Pirelli Seal Inside, and Pirelli Run Flat.

Who is the winner?

Based on each technology I mentioned, you can clearly notice that Goodyear is a definite winner in this category, as it includes more technologies in its tires and they bring out the best in all of them. Pirelli technologies are great as well, but they are fewer in number.

Prices:  Goodyear and Pirelli

Since the price is one of the main things that play a role in choosing which tires you should buy and which ones you can afford, I am here to mention that Pirelli and Goodyear are known as affordable brands of tires in general.

Still, depending on what model you might choose, you can find the Goodyear tires slightly cheaper. It is interesting enough because it owns more technologies than Pirelli, and still, they are more affordable.

Who is the winner?

After everything is said and done, Goodyear wins this category as well, and that’s because they include more features within and yet they come at cheaper prices.

Types of Tires to Choose in Goodyear and Pirelli

Above I mentioned the fact that you can choose different types of tires from these two brands and I said that because they come in different groups, or families as the brands call them.

Tire Families of Goodyear

  • Assurance – all-seasonal tires made for different passenger cars.
  • Eagle – perfect for SUVs and passenger cars.
  • WinterCommand – amazing for extreme weather conditions during winter.
  • Ultra-Grip – once again, for harsh winter conditions, help amazingly with traction.
  • Wrangler – all-terrain tires, that fit in many cars and they are the most famous Goodyear family.
  • Excellence – touring tires that have perfect performance and provide the driver with comfort.
  • EfficientGrip – hence the name, they are made to bring out a perfect grip.
  • Frontera – perfect all-season tires for SUVs and trucks.
  • Fierce – just like Frontera, these ones work perfectly with SUVs and light trucks, and are very comfortable.
  • Integrity – the most affordable tires you can buy, extremely great in all seasons besides harsh winters.

Tire Families of Pirelli

  • P Zero – perfect performers and some of the greatest tires to use from Pirelli.
  • Cinturato – the models that are amazing for most people, the main specialty to bring is comfort.
  • Sottozero – the special and dedicated tires for winter times.
  • Ice Zero – these tires handle pretty well any kind of season, but they are indeed perfect for winter.
  • Scorpio – amazing tires for CUVs, SUVs, and light trucks.
  • Carrier – a special line dedicated to van drivers.

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Final Words

Goodyear and Pirelli are surely two names you should check out when you need tires for any kind of vehicle you own.

After all, when comparing these kinds of brands, there is no doubt that choosing a winner may be a bit complicated, and I want to share with you that the winner of this article is definitely Goodyear.

Still, as always, the choice is up to you, and you choose what you need! There is nothing more to mention! I hope the article helped you find the winner between Goodyear and Pirelli. Happy driving!