Diamondback Truck Cover Review

You get your first pickup truck and you come across your first few beginner issues. One of those issues is the security of your truck’s bed. How can you leave your goods unattended when they can be easily stolen?

Truck covers are your solution, and DiamondBack is the best at producing them. So today, we’ll list a few of the best DiamondBack truck covers but before that, let’s see what exactly truck covers are, and how they work. Now, let’s dig deep into this DiamondBack Truck Cover Review!

What Are Truck Covers?

Truck covers, also known as tonneau covers, are hard or soft-top covers that you can install on your truck’s bed to protect your stored goods, traditionally, with a lock.

It also noticeably improves your fuel economy and speed because of the added aerodynamics since it makes the bed of your truck straight instead of a hole where the air couldn’t flow freely.

There are some heavy-duty truck covers that DiamondBack makes, on which 730 kilograms of goods can be tied down.

The hard tops are usually divided into a few sections that you can open individually, while the soft tops are usually fully foldable and you open them just by pulling. Now, we can get into DiamodBack’s best truck covers.

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An Overview Of Some Models of DiamondBack

DiamondBack HD

The DiamondBack HD comes in three different finishes: rugged black, smooth black, and aluminum. This truck cover can withstand a weight of 730 kilograms, and that comes with 12 tie-down cleats to keep your storage on top of the cover totally stable.

The cover is diamond-plated with heavy-duty aluminum making this tonneau indestructible. Any weather condition works since the DiamondBack HD has a thick EPDM compression gasket that covers the whole tonneau, this makes it waterproof, ice-proof, and snow-proof. The exterior is stainless, so you don’t have to worry about the looks.

DiamondBack has put 2 key locks on its HD model and has a deadbolt lock system. This, paired with the hard, unbreakable top makes the DiamondBack HD the most secure tonneau out there making your experience with your pickup truck worry-free. The installation time is estimated at 90 minutes, while the removal time is a quick 10-minute process.

DiamondBack SE

This truck cover also comes in the same three finishes. The rugged black, smooth black, and aluminum style. The DiamondBack SE can hold significantly less weight on top of itself than the HD model having a weight limit of just 185 kilograms.

The SE also has 4 tie-down cleats compared to the HD’s 12, though this is because you can’t put as much weight on the SE so more cleats wouldn’t make a difference.

It has the same diamond plating with heavy-duty aluminum, and the EPDM covering that makes the truck cover adaptable to any weather. It has the same safety functions as the HD, with 2 key locks and a deadbolt lock system to keep your cargo untouchable. The installation of the DiamondBack SE takes roughly 45 minutes, and the removal takes just 10.

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DiamondBack 270

This is the most expensive DiamondBack truck cover, so let’s see if it justifies it. It has the same 3-finish option as the SE and HD. The weight limit is just like on the SE, only 185 kilograms, and interestingly it has no tie-down cleats.

The reason for that is the DiamondBack 270’s added function which is storing your gear and easily access it. You can open the side panels upright to reveal a wall with storage bins and hatches where you can keep your gear and easily access it.

The DiamondBack 270 has 3 keylocks compared to the HD’s and SE’s 2, and that’s to protect each of the side panels and the back opening of the tonneau. The deadbolt lock style is also found on the 270 since it’s a secure and easy way to keep your storage safe.

EPDM layering is also found on this model, keeping your goods safe from any weather conditions. The installation of the DiamondBack 270 takes about 75 minutes, while the removal is a mere 10 minutes long.

DiamondBack 180

Just like the 270 and the SE, the weight limit of the DiamondBack 180 is 185 kilograms. Unlike the rest of the models, the 180 only has 2 finish choices and those are the rugged black and the aluminum.

It has 0 tie-down cleats and that’s because its main purpose is also storing gear and keeping it organized with its opening side panels with hatches and storage bins.

The safety of your goods isn’t neglected here either, would it be from thieves or the weather. The Diamondback 180 also has deadbolt locks on each panel, and the EPDM covering that keeps your goods safe from any weather.

The installation process takes about an hour while removing it is no hassle taking just about 10 minutes of your time.

Other Things To Note

Warranty and price are two things we always consider when buying any item. The prices of the DiamondBack covers are heftier than the rest of the truck covers on the market, though they definitely justify it by offering you life-long, safe, and practical tonneaus.

DiamondBack offers a limited lifetime warranty for any of its covers. That means you can take your cover to DiamondBack in case of any manufacturing defects, and they’ll take care of it for free. The lifetime warranty doesn’t include any standard wear and tear you might experience.

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Final Words

All truck covers mentioned truly do work their magic, and we expected no less. They all have their own purpose, and they properly fulfill it.

You can’t go wrong with any option, though for the heavy-duty storage covers, we do want to mention that the HD model seems to trump the SE model in most departments and is worth the extra bucks, while the DiamondBack 270 has similar performance to the 180. That would be it from us, have fun shopping.