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Why You Should Take the BMW Model 4 Out For a Spin
by Canvas • July 8, 2019


Why You Should Take the BMW Model 4 Out For a Spin

One of the hottest car subscription models out now is the BMW 4 Series. The flagship two-door sports model has become the benchmark upon which all competing makes and models are judged. Replacing the Series 3, the BMW 4 Series comprises both coupes and convertibles that are sure to please sports coupe enthusiasts.

The latest-generation BMW 4 Series offers two different engines and three different body styles, giving you plenty of options. The 4 Series handles extraordinarily well, has a robust engine, and offers superior comfort and functionality in the cabin.

Notable Features

Before we dig too deep, we will go ahead and outline some of the features that make the BMW irresistible. Some of these features include:

  • 18-inch alloy wheels

  • LED lighting, including fog lights and ambient cabin illumination

  • Sunroof

  • Rain-sensing wipers

  • Self-dimming mirrors

  • Driving dynamics control

  • 10-way power-adjustable seats

  • Universal garage door opener

  • Bluetooth and Apple CarPlay

  • Smartphone integration & iPod/USB connectivity

  • Nine-speaker/205-watt sound system

  • HD radio

Keep in mind that these and other features are available depending on which trim you decide on. The good news is that BMW is generous with features regardless of which model you opt for. There are plenty of infotainment, seating, viewing, and safety technologies that make the BMW an impressive vehicle all around.

Powerful Engine and Transmission

The Model 430i is carried by a zesty 248-hp turbo four-cylinder engine. However, if you want a bit more gusto under the hood, then you can opt for the 440i that packs a 320-hp turbocharged inline-six. Although the rear-wheel drive is standard on all BMW coupes, the automaker also offers an all-wheel-drive version of the Model 4.

Regardless of how you stack it, you will have more than enough forward thrust to make driving more fun. The 440i coupe can dart from zero to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds, which puts it ahead of the competition. The eight-speed transmission is available in both automatic and manual. You will instantly discover how smooth the transition is from one gear to the next during acceleration.

The BMW M4 is built for both speed and handling as it winds around the California coast. It can quickly adapt to long-range travel, a backwoods joyride, or a trip downtown. No matter where you take it, you will be wildly impressed with the minimal-motion performance whether you choose a sharp left or right. It is simultaneously athletic on the outside and composed on the inside.

Fuel Economy and MPG

One of the reasons you choose a car subscription service is to save money. So how does the BMW M4 fare when it comes to reducing your fuel costs? Better than you think.

High-performance engines traditionally suck down a bit more gas, giving them a low EPA mpg score. However, BMW tops the list of similar coupes by garnering an EPA rating of 32 mpg. The 430i coupe does slightly better at 33 mpg.

Ultimate Comfort, Control, and Cargo

No matter how well a sports coupe performs, the driver must have ultimate comfort and stability inside the cabin to complete the experience. The 4 Series delivers on both counts. It perfectly positions the driver in front of the wheel and provides plenty of support with firm seating. You sit properly low with your legs straight in front of you. Plus, there are several adjustment options if you are not happy with the default setting. The leather-wrapped steering wheel also provides for a comfortable grip. In addition, there is plenty of head, shoulder, and leg room for all passengers.

The M4’s infotainment system has a clean and stunning design that is easy to navigate. Best of all, there is no touchscreen, so you no longer have to worry about finger smudges. Instead, there is a display screen that is positioned on the dashboard. You control the dashboard via rotary knobs and buttons.

Do not be fooled by the M4’s two-door body. There is still plenty of cargo space, particularly when you fold the seats. The massive trunk contains storage bins and a center-pass-through back seat, which is easy to drop. You should have enough space to pack your suitcases and carry-ons.

Safety and Driver-Assistance Technology

When it comes to safety, few automakers can rival BMW. Every BMW model, including the 4 Series, has a generous safety package that includes:

  • Forward-collision warning

  • Automated emergency braking

  • Adaptive cruise control

  • Self-parking assist

Why the BMW May Be Your Best Pick

The BMW is perfect if you are looking for a two-door sports coupe that delivers high performance on the highway or in town. Since the BMW is a sports sedan, it will have limited storage capabilities, and, of course, seating. So, if you need more room for your family, more storage, or are just looking for a utility vehicle, you may want to look elsewhere, though BMW does offer a four-door version of the Model 4 to give you more space.

If room is not a consideration, and you just want a fun car to drive around L.A. or beyond, then we highly recommend checking out the BMW Model 4. Once you take it for a test drive, you may not want to give it back.

Bottom Line: The M4 Is a Top Car Subscription Draw

BMW’s initial concept for the M4 and the 4 Series was so well-conceived that few changes have been made to the body, the powertrain, or the cabin since the first generation. So even if you get an older model for a short-term car lease, you have lost very little. There is no need for a 2019 version here.

Even if the BMW is not the absolute best car in its class, it’s darn close. It’s among the best in its class in several areas such as handling, design, fuel efficiency, comfort, and safety, even if it does not snag the best overall top spot. It has incredible driving dynamics, a spacious, ergonomic interior, and plenty of technology that you will actually use. For sports car fanatics, it offers a truly satisfying experience.

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