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Vehicle Subscriptions for Active Lifestyles
by Canvas • June 25, 2019


Vehicle Subscriptions for Active Lifestyles

An active lifestyle is essential to well-being and good health. We thrive when we’re exercising in the open air, but getting there can be half the battle. Thankfully, Canvas integrates stress reduction into the routine! The optimal vehicle subscription hauls your gear and pals in style and comfort, with all the technology you need to stay connected. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a daily exercise fanatic, Canvas vehicle subscriptions make it a snap to find the ideal ride to get things rolling.

Here’s a quick rundown on some popular pastimes with vehicle suggestions:

Walking, Running, or Jogging

Your vehicle choices are wide open when walking, running, or jogging are your thing. All you need to stow is a reliable pair of sneakers and a trusty water bottle. The sky’s the limit. You can opt for anything from a thrifty sub-compact Fiesta hatchback to a luscious Lexus sedan or SUV.


Trekking those mountain paths calls for something a bit more rugged when your favorite trailhead is five miles up an unpaved road. Whether you choose a capable all-wheel-drive (AWD) crossover like a Subaru Outback or a rugged four-wheel-drive Ford F-150, Canvas has it covered.


With modest equipment requirements, the vehicle requirements for tennis are minimal. While there’s no need for tons of cargo capacity, you always want to look your best. A sporty EcoBoost Mustang Convertible or Jaguar subscription will get you to the court in style.


Choosing the best vehicle subscription for golf starts with one fundamental question. Do you show up at the course solo, with a buddy, or as a foursome? Nearly every vehicle can carry a single golf bag these days, but if you’re hauling the gang, you’ll need something with serious cargo capacity. A large luxury sedan might get the job done, but the crew will have all the room they need to stretch out with an ultra-roomy Lincoln Navigator or Cadillac Escalade.


While you can show up at the pool in nearly any vehicle, choosing the right vehicle subscription will get you into the right frame of mind. A luxurious Lincoln, Lexus, or Infiniti SUV is an excellent choice. If you’re hauling the swim team, you’ll want to check out the Dodge Caravan and Honda Odyssey minivans.


Your surfing style and experience will influence your choice of a surfboard (short or long), and subsequently, your Canvas vehicle subscription. Shortboards run in the six-foot to seven-foot range. You can stow them in the cargo bed of a pickup truck or in the back of a minivan. Longboards need to go up on the roof and will require a rack, as they are typically between nine and 11 feet long, although they can range all the way up to 14 feet. Are you looking for something a bit different from the crowd? The Ford Flex delivers a classic retro station wagon vibe, with oodles of room to haul on your next surfing safari.

Canoeing and Paddle Boarding

Transporting a canoe or stand up paddleboard (SUP) will require a rack. The most popular SUP boards are between 10 and 11 feet long. You might opt for a larger SUV with an extended roof, like the Ford Explorer or Expedition.


While transporting a bicycle or two with a sedan requires a rack, an SUV, minivan, or crew cab pickup trucks are great options, too. Loading a pair of bikes into the back of a pickup is a snap. A Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4X4 with a spare-tire-mounted bike rack provides plenty of flexibility, as well, and is especially well suited to mountain bikers.

Plenty of Pickup Trucks!

Pickup trucks provide the ultimate in flexibility for folks with active lifestyles. We’re proud to offer a wide range of pickup trucks, from smaller pickups like the Nissan Frontier, Toyota Tacoma, and Chevrolet Colorado through traditional half-tons like the mighty Ford F-150 and Ram 1500. Our inventory varies by location, however.

The Ride Home

Comfort is king on the ride home after a serious workout. No matter which vehicle you choose, a nice set of comfy heated and ventilated front bucket seats can make all the difference in the world. Some high-end vehicles offer massage features, as well. You’ll find massage options in some Lincoln Continentals, as well as the high-end pickup trucks. Check with your Canvas advisor to see what might be available.

If your active lifestyle requires more hauling capacity, a set of roof racks or trailer may be necessary. Both are allowed, but it takes a bit of planning.

Roof Racks

Roof racks are a great way to haul sports gear without sacrificing precious cargo space in the vehicle. While Canvas does not supply roof racks for our vehicle subscriptions, you are welcome to install your own. Quality racks from Thule or Yakima are a wise investment. You’ll need to take care to avoid any damage when installing the racks and be sure that you remove them before returning the vehicle.


Need to tow a lightweight boat, ATV, or motorcycle? While we don’t provide trailers, some Canvas vehicles — most notably the pickup trucks — are equipped with trailer hitches. You’ll need to check ahead with customer support to see what’s available. You’ll also need to check the manufacturer’s website for towing capacities. Towing a horse trailer can be tricky, due to weight restrictions.

Ready to Take the Leap?

Canvas car subscriptions make it fun, fast, and easy to find the perfect vehicle for your active lifestyle, with the convenience of monthly swaps. Our pre-qualification process takes three minutes or less, with no impact on your credit score. You need to be at least 21 years of age, have good credit, and a valid US driver’s license. Get pre-qualified now!