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An Introverts Guide to Car Shopping
by Bradley B. • June 17, 2019


An Introverts Guide to Car Shopping: Subscribe Versus Buy

A few weeks ago, Uber introduced a new feature that allows riders to limit conversations with drivers. With a tap of the app, users of the Uber Black service can select either “Quiet Preferred” or “Happy to Chat.” The new feature is a godsend for shy riders who want to get where they are going without awkward small talk.

So, what about introverted car buyers? Does a similar Quiet Mode feature exist for getting your next vehicle? Well, yes. There’s a powerful new way for withdrawn people who hate negotiating to get a great deal on a car, SUV, or pickup. It’s a monthly vehicle subscription service.

Car subscriptions from providers such as Canvas are perfectly suited to the new generation of consumers who buy everything online and have come to prefer efficient transactions over interactions with chatty salespeople. In this age when you can satisfy your wishes (for everything from a pair of shoes to somebody you want to date) from the safety and convenience of your home, it’s about time that a similar light-touch approach is applied to car shopping.

Don’t Try to Beat the System, Reinvent It

Well before car subscriptions became a thing, consumers had already started relying on the web to buy a car. The car-shopping process almost always begins with online research. That’s how we decide which model best meets our needs, a fair price for the desired vehicle, and a nearby dealership with a good reputation.

Back in the day, shoppers visited four or five dealerships before making a transaction. Today, it’s possible to complete the entire car-shopping and negotiation process via email and texts—and only step foot into a dealership to grab the keys and drive off. That’s a huge relief for many of us.

However, for any individual consumer, trying to shift the conventional car-shopping process from in-person to online is not a fool-proof systematic approach. First, you have to find trustworthy online car reviews—which are not always written in a user-friendly way—and then you need to build up your courage to resist any pressure to come into a dealership. That’s not always easy. The car-buying process that has been in place for decades—and favors fast-talking salespeople over reluctant consumers—is still the dominant paradigm.

The car subscription changes all of that. Instead of trying to circumvent that old way of shopping in person to strictly interacting with a sales agent via email, the all-in-one monthly car subscription is built from the ground-up to be seamless, quick, and conducted entirely online. No human interaction required. You don’t need to invent a Quiet Mode on your own because a Canvas subscription is designed as an e-commerce solution.

For example, when browsing for cars on, you aren’t shopping for a theoretical model and then hoping your local dealership has one in inventory that matches the specifications discovered on a shopping website like Edmunds or With Canvas, you are looking at and selecting a real-world, specific vehicle that’s promised to be available from a local dealership. It’s a beeline to your next car.

No Negotiating Required, None At All

For consumers using the traditional old-fashioned way to buy a car, researching a fair price on the Internet is a must. Before stepping foot near a dealership, you’ll want to know your number and nail it down via email or text. And if anything changes in the price or vehicle features, get ready to walk.

But those curveballs don’t exist with a car subscription. Without having to text, email, or have a phone conversation, you know exactly how much you’ll be paying every month. Unlike traditional automotive advertising that blasts a low monthly payment amount but buries the the real deal in fine print, the confirmed monthly price for each vehicle is prominently listed on the Canvas website. Clear, straightforward terms are the solution for introverts.

Moreover, a shy buyer can avoid the myriad of other social interactions that are part of car ownership—such as buying car insurance, visits to mechanics for service, and selling the car when you’re ready for your next vehicle. These steps are not necessary with the all-inclusive Canvas subscription and vehicle fee. Not only do you save money by bundling all aspects of car ownership into a single bill, but you also save time and heartache by moving the entire process online to a single checkout flow.

There’s no paperwork. After you get a confirmation email, there’s nothing left to do at the dealership but pick up the car. There are no words to utter, other than “thank you.” And many of the vehicles available via Canvas can be delivered to your home or workplace.

Sounds great, right? But what if you change your mind after taking ownership of the car or discover some unforeseen issue with how it drives. Introverts buying a car the conventional way would need to endure an awkward and embarrassing exchange with the dealership—or just stay quiet and keep driving with disappointment for a few years.

But with a subscription, you can swap your car for another model as many times as you like—without penalties or a single discussion. And if you don’t need a car at all for a month or two, return it! You will continue to pay the modest base subscription but not the vehicle fee.

When you’re ready for a car again, log in to your dashboard to select a new vehicle. The whole process is streamlined, hassle-free, and blissfully quiet.