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Things You Might Not Know About Canvas Car Subscriptions
by Canvas • June 6, 2019


Things You Might Not Know About Canvas Car Subscriptions

While the Canvas vehicle subscription model is fresh and revolutionary, our operation is backed by one of America’s most time-honored and respected brands, with a history that dates back to 1903. There’s no need to be hesitant due to our being relatively new to the market. We’re proud to be part of the Ford Corporation and continue its long track record of quality and innovation.

Our biggest challenge is educating customers and potential subscribers. The car subscription model is still new and most people either don’t know it exists or don’t understand the specifics. This post shines the light on a variety of topics.

With Canvas, convenience, flexibility, and transparency are core values. Our goal is to fulfill your transportation needs with a customizable and all-inclusive service that fits your lifestyle to a tee — even if you’re not a golfer!

The Math Works in Your Favor

When people first see our pricing structure, they often experience sticker shock, without pausing to do the math. Many people we’ve talked to have been surprised to learn that true costs of car ownership far exceed what they expect it to be. Much of this misconception is due to the constant barrage of automobile advertising with artificially low lease pricing. As always, you’ve got to read the fine print.

Canvas vehicle subscriptions are all-inclusive. We cover everything from registration and insurance through maintenance, repair, and roadside assistance. We don’t require a huge down payment. And best of all, we offer an unlimited mileage package. That’s something you won’t find at a typical dealership. When you do the math, the Canvas advantage is apparent.

We’ve created a few blog posts that break down the math for you:

Which Brands Are Available Through Canvas?

Working with a network of dealers allows us to offer the broadest range of manufacturers. Brands include Buick, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Dodge, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jeep, Kia, Land Rover, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota, and Volvo.

While you’ll always find a wide array of fabulous Fords and luxurious Lincolns at our locations, our expanded fleet of vehicles is evolving constantly and availability will vary from day to day and from region to region.

How Are Canvas Vehicle Subscriptions Insured?

All of our vehicles include full coverage from Liberty Mutual, with the cost of insurance bundled into the monthly price. We also include roadside assistance along with full maintenance. Registration is part of the package as well.

Can I Add More Drivers to the Subscription?

Absolutely! With Canvas, you can add as many additional drivers to your subscription as necessary. The ability to add more drivers is a prime differentiator between Canvas and leasing, as well as from many other car subscription services. We’re all about flexibility.

So How Flexible Is Canvas, Really?

If you’ve experienced the feeling of being locked into a car loan or lease, Canvas will be a breath of fresh air. Each month, you have the choice of staying in a vehicle that you love, swapping into a different car, or skipping a month if necessary. You can live the dream, running up the 101 in a sweet Mustang convertible one month and swapping into a brawny F-150 the next month to handle all those D.I.Y. chores. When winter rolls around, you can jump into a jumbo-sized Expedition SUV to haul the crew up to Tahoe.

Unlimited Mileage Unlocks a World of Possibilities

Canvas offers four mileage packages to meet your needs: 500 miles per month, 850 miles per month, 1,250 miles per month, and unlimited miles. If you expect to drive over 1,650 miles per month, you’ll want to choose the unlimited mileage option. While the unlimited mileage option is the most economical choice if you plan on racking up the miles, you need to make this choice before your month begins. You cannot upgrade to unlimited mileage if you’ve already started a month with a fixed mileage option.

3-Day Get It Right Guarantee Delivers Peace of Mind

If you’re unsure whether a vehicle is right for you, our 3-Day Get It Right Guarantee provides plenty of time to make sure it’s a good fit. If you need to make a change for any reason, let us know no later than the end of your third day in the vehicle. You are allowed 100 miles within this timeframe. Excess miles are subject to an overage fee.

What’s the Skinny on Skip a Month?

Unlike conventional leases, Canvas lets you turn in the vehicle and skip a month if you’re away from home. While you still need to pay the subscription fee, we waive the vehicle and mileage package fees.

Will Canvas Expand Into Additional States?

We hear this question every day! While Canvas vehicle subscriptions are currently only offered in California and Texas, folks in Massachusetts are in luck. We will be expanding into the Boston area in the very near future. Other locations will follow, but we have not announced any specific plans as of yet. We’re excited to put our messaging on a more national trajectory!

Canvas Does Not Rent Electric Vehicles (Yet)

While Canvas offers Hybrid (HEV) on a regular basis and Plug-In Electric Hybrid Vehicles (PHEV) occasionally, pure Electric Vehicles (EVs) are not part of the current fleet.

Looking for More Info?

If you have questions about the Canvas car subscription service, check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. Our FAQ includes a handy search feature and is organized into four general categories:

  • Pricing, Payments, and Billing

  • Your Car’s Coverage

  • Managing Your Subscription

  • Vehicle and Accident Support

Still can’t find the answer? Drop us a note via the Support button or give us a call at (844) 863-2687 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. PST. We’d love to hear from you!