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Best Summer Events in Los Angeles
by Canvas • May 22, 2019


8 of the Best Summer Events in Los Angeles

With your new Canvas LA car subscription, you can drive through Los Angeles in style this summer. Whether you are cruising down Rodeo Drive, making a stop at Venice Beach or heading out to the FYF music festival, you’ll soon find that America’s second-largest city is packed with all kinds of summer events and activities.

No matter where you want to go, a car subscription in LA can get you there. So, pack up your things and let Canvas take you on a tour de force of the best summer events in the City of Angels.

1. One Music Festival After Another

It’s hard to pick which music festival in and around Los Angeles is the best, so we’ll just pick them all. Although not technically in the summer, Coachella gets everything rolling in April. Hailed as one of the best music festivals in the world, Coachella brings the top talent in rock, pop, rap, R&B, country, and virtually every other style you can imagine.

From there you can enjoy a wide range of festivals such as the Lightning in a Bottle Festival that includes music, food, art, yoga, and plenty of camping. The Lightning festival features local and national talent from bands you’ve probably never heard of but will probably never forget. The talent is crazy! If you’re into DJs and house music, then we recommend the Electric Daisy Carnival and the Splash House Palm Springs Pool + Music Weekend featuring some of today’s hottest DJs and electronic/EDM artists. From there, it just keeps climbing.

The Arroyo Seco Weekend features an eclectic mix of music from classic rock, folk, the ’80s, grunge, blues, and more. Finally, the summer winds up with two massive festivals, FYF Fest and Hard Summer. Both these festivals also offer a mix of pop, rock, country, rap, and R&B. Take your pick, get your tickets early, and get ready to rock in LA!

2. 4th of July in Los Angeles

The next place to go with your new car subscription is to one of the many Independence Day activities happening in and around LA. No matter which one you pick, you’ll be glad you went. We’ll start with the Amerifest at the Rose Bowl. You can enjoy a night of fantastic fireworks, music performances, a motorcycle stunt show, and more.

After the fireworks, head on out to the Grand Park & Music Center Fourth of July Block Party. This annual event brings people from all over to participate in fun games and activities including picnicking, art-making, dancing, music performances, food, fireworks, sports, and plenty of things to do for the whole family. Just make sure you get there early. Parking is insane!

3. The Anime Expo

And now for something completely different.

The 2019 Anime Expo is something to behold. Whether you are a fan, not a fan, or don’t even know what anime is, you walk away with your mind blown. Over 100,000 people descend upon downtown Los Angeles to craft their cosplay and experience anime like never before.

Once you are there, you’ll immerse yourself in concerts, industry panels, cosplay, gaming, videos and movie premieres, dancing, and art. This year features AMV competitions, autograph signing by industry leaders and celebrities, a charity auction, eGaming, fan panels, karaoke, game shows — the list goes on and on. Once you enter the world of anime, you may never want to return to the real world.

4. The Salsa Festival at Pershing Square

If you love salsa — and we’re not just talking about the dip — then you don’t want to miss the 21st annual Salsa Festival at Pershing Square. Their motto is, “Then, Now & Forever.” It’s easy to see why. The festival brings together a timeless mix of traditional dance, food, performances, and everything salsa!

The festival provides some of the finest performances from bands and dancers from all over the world. You can also take dance lessons from certified instructors who are highly regarded in the world of dance. You can participate in workshops, pool parties, performances, concerts, social dances, and plenty of after-parties.

5. Street Food Cinema Outdoor Movies

Forget what you thought you knew about movie watching. This is another level of cinema entirely. Starting in April and ending in October, the Street Food Cinema Outdoor Movies combines pop culture films, over-the-top delicious food, and modern music in an alfresco-style venue.

Curators are careful to craft every movie night with a themed experience that pulls in nearly 5,000 attendees on movie premiere nights. Case in point, when La La Land premiered back in 2016, thousands of fans were treated to Creole food, jazz music, and professional group dance performances that reflected the style and theme of the movie. Even members of the cast and crew were on site to greet visitors. There’s really no telling what or who you’ll see at the Street Food Cinema.

6. Dog Day Afternoon

They say, “Every Dog Has Its Day.” Well, here you go. Dog Day Afternoon brings together pooches from across Los Angeles for mingling, vendor displays, educational activities, and other events. There are plenty of beverages and food for dogs and their human friends. Your dogs have the opportunity of making new friends and even going home with a brother or sister, as there are adoption opportunities.

If you attend Dog Day Afternoon, then you must follow the three rules: Number one, dogs must be on a leash. Number two, dogs must be friendly and social. Number three, dogs must be natives of LA — as it should be!

7. Roaring Nights at the Los Angeles Zoo

No trip through LA in your Canvas car is complete without a visit to the Los Angeles Zoo. One of the highlights of the zoo throughout the year is Roaring Nights at the Los Angeles Zoo, a summer series that offers fascinating explorations, music, culture, and nature all wrapped into one.

The adult-only events (sorry kids) features live bands, DJs, pop-up zoo trails, animal close-ups, LA’s premier food trucks, full wet bars, and other events and activities. You can take advantage of the Watering Hole open-air glamping lounge with specialty cocktails or dress up for the throwback Disco Experience. There are three multi-genre dance areas, a music safari, interactive art activities, and classic backyard games. If you’re a party animal, then there’s no place like the zoo!

8. International Surf Festival

Held at Hermosa Beach just south of downtown Los Angeles, the International Surf Festival is a four-day surf-for-all event packed with surfing activities galore. The festival features a kick-off dinner, volleyball tournament, lifeguard competition, and, of course, surfing competitions.

Key surfing events include the international bodysurfing championship, paddleboard races, volleyball tournaments, dory race, and pier-to-pier swim. There are plenty of water activities to keep you busy all four days.

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