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What If I Need to Cancel My Canvas Car Subscription Early?
by Canvas • May 17, 2019


What If I Need to Cancel My Canvas Car Subscription Early?

When life throws you a curveball, we’re here to help. While it’s not always possible to plan for months and months in advance, canceling a Canvas car subscription before the term is up is never a problem. Most importantly, our fees are never a mystery. We believe in total transparency. This handy chart uses a sliding scale based on the month you cancel and the current subscription length. It shows the precise amount you’ll need to pay as a cancellation fee.

Family Obligations

Emergency family obligations call for a lightning-fast response. When Olivia’s mother broke her hip after falling on an icy sidewalk back home in Boston, she required immediate hospitalization. Olivia rushed to LAX and jumped on the earliest flight back home to be with her mom. After the hip replacement surgery, Olivia made plans to stay in Boston for a month to care for her mom. Olivia called Canvas, canceled her Ford Fusion Hybrid sedan subscription, and sent the key fob back to California by FedEx. Canvas picked up the Fusion Hybrid from Olivia’s apartment complex’s parking lot. Olivia was in the tenth month of a twelve-month subscription. The cancellation fees amounted to $85. The Fusion was Olivia’s first experience with a hybrid vehicle. She was so pleased with the savings at the gas pump every week that she vowed to never go back to driving a gas guzzler.

Surprise Acquisition

A colossal Seattle software company acquired Benjamin’s Silicon Valley-based app start-up entirely out of the blue. The deal was a complete surprise. As part of the acquisition, the company insisted that Ben relocate temporarily. He had just started a six-month Jeep Wrangler Unlimited subscription with Canvas two months before. The relocation package included an apartment in Seattle, but Ben had no space or need for a vehicle. With four months to go on the Wrangler subscription, his cancellation fees were $276. The Wrangler has been one of Ben’s dream cars since second grade. While Ben was sad to drop off the truck so early, the flexibility was priceless in the midst of a stressful time. With the new Ford Bronco just around the corner, Ben’s earmarked a slice of his acquisition haul to purchase his favorite 4x4 of all time.

Hollywood Dreams

Madison is one of the lucky ones. She’s lived the dream life since moving to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. It wasn’t easy at first of course, but she’s made a meal of it, after making the right connections and learning the ropes. After an endless stream of waitressing gigs and casting calls, she landed a choice role in a major motion picture. As luck would have it, she met a casting director after running her BMW 328i through the car wash. They bonded over their BMWs when Madison explained how her 328i Canvas subscription worked. The casting director lamented about the monstrous depreciation drop after buying her BMW i3. When the conversation turned to the movie biz, lightning struck. Maddy auditioned for the role the very next day. When she got the nod, there was no saying no. With just one month left on her six-month Three-Series subscription, her cancellation fee was $70.

Corporate Life

Roberto’s role as a regional sales director is tough on his family. While Roberto earns a good salary, he needs to relocate frequently to climb the corporate ladder. Roberto and his wife fell in love with the Ford Flex when they relocated from Dallas to Los Angeles. With twin toddlers, the Flex fit the bill perfectly. It has all the room of a minivan and none of the stigma. Roberto’s twelve-month Flex subscription had just three months to go when the call came. The company told him that they wanted him back in Texas, with a long-term spot that opened up in the Austin office. The cancellation fee was $127. While the Flex was the perfect family hauler for their time in LA, Roberto is looking to buy a Ford F-150 when they settle into their new home in Austin.

The Trip You Can’t Give Up

Chelsea is a cinematographer and travel photographer. Her work requires that she be able to hop on a plane at a moment’s notice. As a result, Chelsea likes to schedule three-month Canvas car rentals. Over the past year, she’s been in a wide array of vehicles. With loads of camera gear to haul, she loves the flexibility that comes with Canvas SUV rentals. She chooses the ideal vehicle for the job and loves the flexibility that comes standard with Canvas. When she needs a large and rugged SUV, Chelsea opts for either a Chevrolet Suburban or Ford Expedition subscription. She’s splurged on a supercharged Range Rover and gotten by with a Honda CR-V. Chelsea was only three weeks into her current Lexus RX 350 subscription when she got the call for month-long dream assignment in Bali. With two months to go on a three-month subscription, her cancellation fees were $230. When she gets back from Bali, Chelsea is looking to subscribe to a Ford Escape or Toyota RAV4.

Scheduling Cancellation

Need to cancel? No problem! If you need to cancel your car subscription, you can either call and speak with a Canvas representative or use the Canvas app dashboard. Once the cancellation is submitted, we’ll make arrangements for you to drop off the car or schedule a pickup.

Change comes fast in today’s world. That’s why we built Canvas from the ground up to accommodate nearly every circumstance. Whether your business commitments get reshuffled at a moment’s notice or family obligations require that you drop everything and fly back home, Canvas is the grease that makes the gears turn.