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How Does Canvas Car Insurance Work?
by Canvas • May 1, 2019


How Does Canvas Car Insurance Work?

Bundled insurance coverage makes car subscriptions a compelling alternative to traditional car leasing. With the most flexible car lease on the planet, you can swap into a new Canvas vehicle every month, without the need to wait for new insurance cards to arrive in the mail. While insurance costs will vary from vehicle to vehicle with conventional car leases, that’s not the case with Canvas.

Bottom line? We make it fast, easy, and fun to pick and choose a vehicle. You can switch between a sporty Mustang convertible for summer fun, an efficient Fusion Hybrid sedan for daily commuting, a roomy Explorer for family trips, and a brawny F-150 pickup to get those chores done around the house, all without making a single phone call to your insurance company.

Here are some of the most important things to know about Canvas insurance coverage.

Canvas Provides Extensive Insurance Coverage

The Canvas insurance package covers all the bases for most folks.

The policy includes:

  • Bodily Injury Liability (BI) and Property Damage Liability (PD) coverage — $300,000 limit combined. BI provides coverage for injuries to other parties that are caused by you. PD covers damage to other vehicles and property, from mailboxes and fences to lamp posts and buildings.

  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage — Covers the driver and passengers in your vehicle.

  • Medical Payment coverage — This provides a $5,000 policy limit, covering the driver and passengers in your vehicle.

  • Comprehensive coverage — Covers theft and damage from nearly everything other than a collision with another car or object.

  • Collision coverage — $500 deductible. Covers repairs to your vehicle, whether or not you were responsible for the accident.

  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist coverage — Uninsured coverage protects you if your vehicle gets struck by a driver that lacks insurance coverage. Underinsured coverage protects against drivers that carry an insufficient level of insurance.

  • Glass Breakage coverage — $250 deductible.

  • Towing coverage — $200 limit.

  • Rental Reimbursement coverage — $25 per day/14 day maximum.

More detail on each of the coverages is provided on this page.

How Do I Sign Up for Coverage?

You don’t have to take any extra steps to obtain insurance coverage. It’s all taken care of in the Canvas application process. All vehicles automatically include comprehensive insurance. If you’d like to increase the coverage you have on your car, all you need to do is select which policies you’d like to add on. Easy as can be!

One Size Fits All

Our bundled insurance coverage only comes in one flavor, but it’s not vanilla. You cannot alter the policy in any way. If you require more coverage than provided, you can carry additional insurance on your own, which will work in tandem with the Canvas coverage.

Which Insurance Company Provides the Coverage?

We’re proud to partner with Liberty Mutual as our exclusive vehicle insurance provider. Liberty Mutual, based in Boston, Massachusetts, has representation across the country and a long history in the industry, dating back to the company’s founding in 1912. Liberty Mutual held total assets of over $125 billion as of December 31, 2018.

What If I Have an Existing Insurance Policy?

Do you already have an insurance policy? Not to worry! You might already have coverage if your vehicle subscription is the second or third vehicle in the family. The Canvas insurance coverage will act as excess coverage.

Canvas Includes Roadside Assistance

Every Canvas car subscription includes roadside assistance coverage through Assurant. You’re fully covered if your vehicle won’t start, if it runs out of gas, if you lock your keys in the car, or if you get a flat tire. Towing is covered (up to $200) if you encounter some type of mechanical issue that prevents the vehicle from being driven. This page explains the process.

What Do I Do If My Vehicle Gets Damaged?

Reach out to us if your vehicle gets damaged. If it’s a minor issue, it may be best taken care of when you return the vehicle. Simple scratches and dings can wait. More extensive damage will require an insurance damage claim. A quick consultation with a Canvas customer service representative will help you determine your next steps. Snap a few photos, give us a call, and we’ll get things straightened out. We’re always here to help!

Two More Things to Keep in Mind

There are two important usage limitations to the Canvas car subscription service. Canvas vehicles are personal transport use only. Terms stipulate that you cannot use them for ridesharing, delivery, or other commercial purposes.

If you’re planning an international road trip, take note. We don’t allow our vehicles to cross the border into Mexico or Canada. If you’re planning a road trip down to Baja for quality beach time or an epic winter ski trek way up the coast to Whistler, you’ll need to make other transportation arrangements.

It’s All About Convenience

Time is a precious resource. Once you lose an hour you can never get it back. Integrated insurance coverage is just one of the ways that a Canvas vehicle subscription delivers convenience and peace of mind. You’re covered from bumper to bumper when you hop into the driver’s seat, without taking an annoying side trip to shop for insurance.

The little things add up. That’s why our vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and serviced before delivery, helping to further reduce your stress level. That’s not the case with many rental cars. How many times have you hopped into a rental car only to find a nasty interior or discover a mechanical issue after you’ve driven off the lot?

The car subscription experience delivers exceptional value, giving you back the time you need to live life to the fullest. We remove the detours and smooth out those pesky bumps in the road. We’re excited to get you out on the road, lickety-split!