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Why Car Subscriptions Are Great For Summer
by Canvas • March 24, 2019


Summer is The Perfect Time to Try Out a Car Subscription

Summer is on its way, and we couldn’t be more excited. It’s nearly time for warm, glowing nights at the drive-in, long road trips with the sun-kissed air on your face, and simmering days at the beach with the crash of waves in the background. Summer is basically the perfect season, so it’s best to take advantage of it while you can. To maximize your fun and opportunity this upcoming June, July, and August, consider investing in a car subscription service. Here are a few reasons why a car subscription will be a great addition to your summer plans.

1. You Won’t Put Miles on Your Car

Planning to drive the entire Pacific Coast Highway this summer? That’s sure to be a great trip filled with adventure, but it’s also a lot of miles to put on your car. In fact, if you’re taking the whole PCH from the start in Dana Point to the end in Leggett, that’s about 655 miles, one-way. Factor in the return trip and you’re looking at over 1,300 miles in just a few days — that’s about 10 percent of the average motorist’s yearly driving!

Using up an entire month’s worth of miles in the span of a week can put excessive wear and tear on your car, breaking down internal components and increasing the amount of maintenance you’ll need. However, with car subscriptions, you won’t have to worry about any of that. Canvas lets you drive a car for as little as one month, meaning you won’t have to sacrifice your personal car just to have fun. While you get 500 miles for free with every subscription, you can also upgrade to 850-mile, 1,250-mile, and unlimited mileage packages to satisfy your desire to hit the road.

2. You Can Try Out a Convertible

Let’s be real — convertibles are fun, sporty, and feisty. However, they’re completely impractical for every season other than summer. It doesn’t exactly inspire joy to have fresh air blasting in your face when the temperature starts to drop. However, on a warm, balmy summer day, having that cooling breeze gently blow through your hair as you zoom down your favorite highway is a feeling like no other.

Buying a convertible outright for such an occasion is probably out of the picture unless you’re extremely financially comfortable. For everyone else, the Canvas car subscription service is perfect. We have a number of convertibles ready for you to drive, whether it’s for just a month or the entire summer. For example, we even have some sweet convertibles that let you zoom around town while maximizing your sun exposure. Convertibles, like the Ford Mustang, look and drive great; you’ll finally the convertible experience you’ve always wanted.

3. You Can Get an SUV to Take to the Beach

Are you a frequent visitor to California’s great beaches? If so, you know how much stuff you have to bring with you. A cooler for drinks, beach chairs so you don’t sink into the sand, towels to dry off after a swim, and plenty of other accessories are all necessary to ensure you have a good time. If you have a smaller car, it can be difficult to cram everything in. And if you don’t have a car at all, well, taking public transportation or bumming a ride from a friend can really cramp your style.

Rather than suffer through these tribulations, just choose a car subscription from DriveCanvas. In addition to smaller vehicles, Canvas also offers plenty of SUVs that are perfect for transporting all your beach gear. Never again will you have to attempt to drag your surfboard onto a cramped bus. Instead, use your car rental, and you’ll even have space leftover to bring your best buds along.

4. You Can Have the Perfect Drive-In Vehicle

Another great feature of summer is drive-in theaters. While they’re not as popular as they used to be, drive-ins are still a quintessential summer experience. Sitting out under the stars with your partner or a group of friends and catching the latest summer blockbuster, rom-com, or action film is a fun and innocent way to enjoy a night out. Plus, it’s way cheaper than the regular theater!

The only downside to drive-ins is that you need to have a car. They don’t exactly let people walk in with a lawn chair in hand. Canvas can be a great solution for this issue, as you won’t have to make a huge, expensive purchase just to catch a flick. Instead, just rent your favorite car or SUV, grab some friends, and head to your local theater. San Francisco and Los Angeles have plenty of options to choose from, so why not hit them both up and see which one you like best?

5. You Can Tailgate

In addition to the heat and nice weather, summer also brings with it another tempting pastime — baseball. The Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Angels, Oakland Athletics, and San Francisco Giants have over 80 home games each every season, giving you plenty of opportunities to catch some action. Even if you’re not a fan of the sport, there is an associated activity that everyone can enjoy — tailgating. If you’re not familiar, tailgating involves driving to the game early, getting a prime parking spot, and drinking and eating your favorite beverages and foods. While many people use this time to loosen up with alcohol, it can also be a family-friendly zone with cornhole, freshly grilled burgers, and soft drinks.

However, it’s kind of hard to tailgate if you don’t have a car. Simply walking into a parking lot and setting up a mobile camp might get you in trouble. That’s why choosing a car subscription service like Canvas for the summer is so great. Even if you’re just renting a car for a few months, that’s still plenty of time to go to numerous games and experience the unbridled joy of tailgating.

While it’s not quite here yet, summer is quickly making its approach, so it’s time for you to start preparing. Don’t waste another year wishing you had a car!