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Car Subscriptions Are Like Leasing a Car, Except They Actually Compliment Your Lifestyle
by Canvas • March 18, 2019


Car Ownership is Overrated

Like most major purchases, the cost of owning a vehicle today is more than most drivers would prefer to pay. When you pile up maintenance, repairs, registration fees, taxes, insurance, and roadside assistance, a one-time car purchase turns into a never-ending headache with seemingly no end in sight — that is, until you purchase a new car and start the process again.

Is it even worth it to own a vehicle these days?

That is the question that today’s consumers are asking. And there is a good reason for it. Recent cultural trends, economic instability, changes in the job market, and the shift toward communal living (i.e., mixed-use developments) have all caused consumers to rethink buying an expensive automobile. Add to that the burden of paying interest on a loan for a vehicle that depreciates up to 30 percent in the first year alone and owning a car that doesn’t hold the appeal that it used to.

As of 2019, the average MSRP of a mid-level sedan is just over $34,000. The average cost of gas is $3 per gallon. Insurance premiums can be as high as $150 per month on an individual policy. The national average for monthly car repair costs is $100. And the average monthly loan payment stretches $300 to $500 for borrowers with a decent credit rating. Add it up and most car owners fork out between $600 to $800 monthly just to own a depreciating item that isn’t even an investment.

Is spending that much money on a car every month worth actually owning it? Is there a better option that doesn’t drain your finances, your energy, and your time?

Car Subscription Service: Defining Your Lifestyle

Car subscriptions provide a viable option if you do not want to be tied down to a long-term vehicle commitment. Automotive subscription services such as DriveCanvas charge a set monthly fee and give you the option of changing the vehicle you want to drive as well as the plan you want to join.

Do you need an SUV or truck for your active lifestyle? Are you looking for a larger sedan for the family? What about an economical car for the daily commute? Regardless of what you are looking for in an automobile, you can find it with a car subscription service.

A subscription service allows you to narrow your search for a vehicle depending on the following factors:

  • How many miles you drive each month

  • How much gas you use

  • The number of passengers in your family

  • Where you live

  • How much cargo space you need

  • How many out-of-town trips you take per month

  • Your personal style or taste in cars

  • Preferred features (navigation, infotainment, safety, comfort)

  • Monthly budget

You have the same options available to you with a car subscription as you do car ownership, but without the burden of being tied to an interest-bearing loan for the same car year after year. What would you drive if you could switch to a completely different automobile every few months?

All-Inclusive Car Subscription Packages

One of the ways that a car subscription service fits into your lifestyle is that it saves you the hassle of managing all the responsibilities that often accompany car ownership.

Maintenance & Repairs

Canvas’s subscription service includes routine maintenance according to the car’s manufacturer maintenance schedule. We take care of all oil changes, fluid refills, spark plugs, antifreeze, tire inflation, tune-ups, and other types of ongoing maintenance. You simply drop the car off, and we take it from there.


If you are tired of dealing with auto insurance companies and looking for the best rates, then a car subscription service is perfect for you. Each of our vehicles are fully insured from the moment you take the keys. When you switch cars, we take care of the insurance for you so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Taxes & Registration

Another car ownership hassle that you have to deal with every year is taxes and registration. All of that goes away with a subscription service. We handle the tags, registration, licensing, taxes, and all other paperwork every year. You’ll never have to think about it again!

One Fee Every Month

The best benefit of a car subscription is that it simplifies managing all your car-related expenses. You pay a bundled fee that takes care of everything.

Which Car Is Best Suited for Your Lifestyle?

One of the things that you will most appreciate about a subscription service is that you can choose a car depending on your needs at any given time. You can also switch vehicles as your circumstances or needs change.

Your Daily Commute

Whether you live in the city or the suburbs, where you work determines how far and how often you have to drive. If you walk to work, then you may not need to put many miles on the car. If you drive into the city from the outskirts of town, however, you may need a more fuel-efficient car. A subscription service gives you flexibility by providing many options for vehicles and subscription packages.

Your Sense of Adventure

Are you looking for a dependable SUV or sedan for those weekend road trips? DriveCanvas has a wide range of vehicles available. Choose your mileage package, the Ford car, SUV, or truck you want, and then take off on your weekend or holiday adventure. You can even switch out a vehicle for a special trip and return it when you arrive back home.

A Comfortable Car for the Whole Family

No matter how large your family is, there is a DriveCanvas car that can accommodate all of your passengers. A subscription service allows you to switch cars as your family grows. You can start out with a sedan and then upgrade to an SUV or larger vehicle with every addition to your family. Our flexible plans allow you to choose how often you renew your plan.