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A Canvas Customer's Car Subscription Experience
by Allison Braley • March 15, 2019

The Braley-Patton Family’s Trip to the Dealership to Pick Up Their Canvas Car!

Allison Braley is not only a Canvas employee, but she is also a Canvas subscriber! This past winter, her family decided to swap their Ford Escape for a more snow-friendly AWD Ford Explorer. Winter is coming to an end and weekend ski trips are winding down, so they decided it was time to switch back into an Escape. We asked Allison to share a recap of her experience at the dealership, picking up their new ride for spring.

With two young kids and a dog, it’s important for us to have a roomy car. We’re also city dwellers, so unless we have visitors, we prefer to stay to a smaller SUV so we can park on San Francisco streets. With Canvas, we get the best of both worlds. For the winter time, we love having a bigger SUV like the Explorer. The four wheel drive makes for the perfect vehicle trips to Tahoe and visits from extended family. Now that Spring is almost here, we decided it was time to switch back to an Escape again. The Escape is a great size for our family nine months out of the year.

The car we wanted was available for pickup at Sunnyvale Ford. Last Saturday, we hit the road to pick up our new ride. When we arrived, we walked in and were greeted by the dealership employees who took us outside to see our Ford Escape Titanium.






The dealership employee shook our hands, confirmed we were picking up the correct vehicle, checked my driver’s license, took some quick pictures of the vehicle, and then handed us the keys. He took the time to show us a few of the vehicle’s features, including bluetooth pairing, blind-spot detectors and voice command interface.







The whole process took less than 20 minutes, and then it was time to take our new car home.


The employee who helped us out even handed my daughter a rose at the end. It was a very quick and easy process to pick up our Canvas vehicle. With Canvas, we have the ability to swap our car whenever our needs change. It’s also nice to have everything, including maintenance and insurance, completely taken care of. I’m admittedly a little biased, but our experience with Canvas has been great so far, and we’re thrilled that our car pickup went so smoothly!