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Why Car Subscriptions Are The Best Gift
by Canvas • February 11, 2019


A Car Subscription is The Perfect Gift

Getting someone a car is the ultimate gift. Unfortunately, though, this is an occurrence that seems to happen more in car commercials and on Oprah than in real life. That’s all about to change thanks to car subscriptions. Sure, buying a brand-new Ford Mustang for your muscle-car-loving family member is probably out of your budget. But what if you could get them a short-term rental with no set contract? That’s the solution car subscription services like Canvas are providing.

Now that getting someone a car is a feasible gift idea, here are some of the best reasons why you should consider it.

They Get to Test Out a New Vehicle

Is your loved one stuck in car-buying limbo? It’s a familiar situation that many of us have experienced. They might be torn between several different models, brands, or even body styles. Making that crucial decision can effectively turn buying a vehicle into a stalemate, with the buyer refusing to choose between one car or the other.

You can help them get out of this situation with a vehicle subscription. That way, they’ll be able to test out at least one of the cars they’ve been thinking about. Since Canvas provides a huge selection, finding the specific make or model they’re interested in should be a piece of cake.

They Get to Skip the Dealership

Let’s be real — car buying might be a fun process if it weren’t for the lengthy trips to the dealership. As soon as you set foot on the dealer’s property, a pesky salesman will instantly be circling you like a vulture. It’s as if they can smell your indecision from a mile away. Though they can provide helpful information, they’ll might try to upsell you, no matter how many times you say you’re just there to look around. There’s also a pretty large chance you might have to negotiate on the price as well. No thanks.

Because you’re such a kind-hearted soul, you’re eliminating this experience for your loved one. They won’t ever have to drive within a mile of a dealership if they don’t want to. Instead, they’ll get to cruise around town in their new-to-them car without a care in the world.

They Won’t Have to Bother With Insurance

One important thing you probably never thought about in all those car buying commercials — how does insurance work? In most states, car insurance is required before a car can be taken on the road. So do all those gift givers also sign up their loved one for car insurance when making the big purchase? Getting someone a car already seemed extravagant, but when you consider that the average yearly cost of insurance payments can run over $1,000, that just makes things even more ridiculous.

The great thing about a Canvas subscription is that insurance costs are already included in the low monthly fee. This means that you won’t have to make payments for a full six-month plan upfront (which would cost more than the car rental, by far). All of the fees related to car ownership (minus gas bills) are included in what you’ll pay up front, so there’ll be no surprises.

They Can Pick a New Car If They Hate It

You did your research. You found the car you think would be perfect for them. You went through with the subscription, and… they hate it.

It’s certainly not your fault — you did everything you could to find what you thought was the right make and model. But maybe it was the wrong color, or they wanted more horsepower. Whatever the case, because you chose a car subscription instead of a lease or car purchase, they’ll have the chance to exchange their car for one they like better. All Canvas vehicles also come with a 3-day “get-it-right guarantee”. With Canvas, you can also easily swap out your car for just $99!

They’ll Actually Use It

While there are no exact statistics on how many gifts go unused each year, there is research on how many gift cards go unused each year. And the number may shock you. Out of $130 billion spent on gift cards yearly, about $1 billion of that goes unspent. So much for a gift people will use, right?

Instead of burdening your loved one with a gift card to a store they never go, a coffeemaker that will just sit and collect dust in the attic, or a new outfit that definitely doesn’t match their tastes, get them a new vehicle. You’ll know for sure they’ll use it, especially if they don’t currently have one.

They’ll Be Safer

Maybe your loved one currently has a vehicle that’s on its last legs, but they don’t have enough cash to purchase a new one. If so, you might cringe every time they get behind the wheel, as you’re just waiting for some tragic accident to befall them on the road.

Ease your fears by getting that special someone in your life a new car that isn’t likely to breakdown on the side of the road. A car subscription gets them into a reliable, lightly used car that will be far safer to drive.

You Get to Use a Giant Bow

Just think about those quintessential car commercials. In nearly all of them, the surprised spouse rushes outside to see their brand-new car in their snowy driveway, wrapped up in a bow the size of a horse. These bows have become somewhat of a mythical creature, prompting people all across the world to ask where they come from and how to get one for themselves.

Previously, you’ve probably had no use for them, as there’s really no practical gift large enough to put one on. But if you get someone a car subscription for the next holiday, you’ll get to splurge on this fantastic extravagance. Best of all, you can score a massive, over-3-foot-long bow for just $49.99.

OK, putting the fact that you get to use a giant bow aside, getting someone a car is clearly an awesome gift idea. When you’re ready to make that happen, Canvas car subscriptions will be standing by.\