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Best California Campgrounds
by Canvas • January 30, 2019


Craving Some Smores?

As a proud resident of San Francisco or Los Angeles, saving up a down payment and heading to the car lot probably isn’t exactly on your list of priorities. Still, you have to admit that not having your own wheels is inconvenient on the weekends. Getting a car with Canvas is the perfect way to explore Greater California without getting stuck in a long-term relationship with an APR. Come to think of it… you have been craving s’mores lately, which can only mean one thing: it’s time to start checking some campgrounds off your bucket list.

So, gas up the car and hit these epic camp sites.

Blooms Creek Campground at Big Basin Redwoods State Park

At this postcard perfect campground, you’ll get a chance to hike and explore the very best of California. Only 67 miles south of San Francisco, this campground has 53 sites. Put up your tent near the creek, or settle in between two trees so old that they remember the Model T. Campfires are allowed, so those s’mores will definitely happen. If you burn your hot dogs or forgot to pack enough comfort food, head to the café for a cup of hot chocolate, some dinner, and maybe even a bottle of wine.

Cold Springs Campground at Sequoia National Park

Point your Ford 273 miles southeast, and eventually your intuition (aided by your GPS) will deliver you to Cold Springs Campground. The area is surrounded by 12,000-foot-high granite peaks and full of aspen trees and hiking trails. There are 40 camp sites, and they’re first come, first serve. When you’re not gawking at the beautiful scenery, you can make a trek to the Kaweah River or marvel in front of the giant sequoia grove at Atwell Mill. If you need to bail on sleeping beneath the stars, you can always grab a homemade pie and hot shower at Silver City Mountain Resort.

Pfeiffer Big Sur Campground at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

This coastal campground is 147 miles south of the city, surrounded by redwood and sycamore trees, and has 173 campsites. It has the kind of scenery that will make you want to go chasing waterfalls — an 80-foot waterfall to be exact. Pfeiffer State Park is home to a giant cascade that rolls over a dramatic granite cliff and into the Pacific Ocean. As if offering a waterfall and stellar panoramic ocean views weren’t enough, the park has plenty of walking trails and riverside campsites as well.

Wawona Campground at Yosemite National Park

You didn’t really think we’d leave Yosemite off our list, did you? Not only is Yosemite a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but it’s jam packed with stuff to do. This national park has everything.

The list of amenities includes a waterfall, hiking trails, ponds, babbling brooks, wildlife, and a cartoon bear who wants you to prevent forest fires. Pitch your tent at Wawona Campground just 232 miles east of San Francisco for a trip of a lifetime. The campground has 93 campsites, and they all give you access to an unfettered night sky.

North Beach Campground at Pismo State Beach

If you want to take your car down the open road, head south along the coast for 251 miles until you reach Pismo Beach. The North Beach Campground is right along the ocean, and one of the only spots in central California that lets you camp near the sand. Set your campground up in a pine-tree-covered dune near the coast, then head off to get your toes in the water. If you brought your board, even better. On top of long walks on the beach, you can spend your time picnicking, bodyboarding, and generally feeling stoked that you took some time off for a road trip.

In the winter time, monarch butterflies from the nearby eucalyptus trees may pay you a visit, which can only make your camping experience even more memorable.

Have we convinced you? It’s time to fill up the car you got with Canvas with camping gear and start exploring the great outdoors across the Golden State. With Canvas, your monthly payment includes insurance and a mileage allowance, so you can spend your weekends traveling up and down this great state of ours without accruing huge mileage fees from a rental car. Eureka!