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5 Tech Hacks to Optimize Your Life
by Canvas • January 18, 2019


Tech Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Life in the modern age is easier than ever thanks to the technology we have at our disposal. Want to get in touch with your friend across the world? In the old days, you’d have to send a letter, which might take weeks to arrive. Today, you can just send them an instant message on your mobile device and have a nearly instantaneous conversation.

That’s just one small example of how technology has changed our lives for the better. For even more proof, check out these five tech life hacks that make living in modern society so, so much easier.

1. Instacart

Going to the store to buy groceries can be tedious. It’s difficult to navigate other customers and poorly arranged aisles just to find your favorite box of cereal.

Luckily, Instacart is doing their part to change all of that and save you lots of time. It’s a grocery delivery service that lets you shop at your favorite stores from the comfort of your home. Simply pick which store you’d like to shop at, browse their products, add them to your cart, and press the “purchase” button. Your groceries will be delivered to your door that very same day so you can get to preparing a feast without the annoyances that come with picking out your ingredients.

Instacart is available on the web as well as through Apple and Android apps, so you can shop from your computer or your mobile device. The best part about mobile shopping is that it’s far easier to find deals and coupons. In fact, the money you save will probably end up covering the paltry delivery fee.

2. Canvas

Are you in need of a new car, but can’t afford the hefty down payment and recurring monthly bills? Canvas is a new car subscription service looking to subvert the traditional car ownership experience by providing you with quick and affordable car access.

Rather than a normal lease, Canvas offers cars to drivers on a monthly basis. For a low set fee, you’ll get the car of your choice paired with comprehensive insurance and maintenance. You’ll be fully covered if you get in an accident or break down on the side of the road. After the month is up, you can keep your subscription going, switch out to a different model, or return the car with no questions asked.

Canvas currently offers numerous cars to drivers throughout the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas at reasonable prices, including popular Ford and Lincoln models. If you’re seeking a way to own a car without the hassle, Canvas is a great alternative. It’s far better than a long-term car rental or lease from an unscrupulous dealership.

3. Waze

Once you hit the road with your new car from Canvas, you’ll need a way to navigate the heavy traffic of the road. That’s where Waze comes into play. Waze is a smartphone app you can download for Android and Apple devices that provides free driving directions, GPS navigation, and real-time traffic reports.

Rather than rely on official data released by police or other traffic agencies, Waze is unique in that it curates community reports on traffic status. This gives you the most up-to-date data possible. Waze also collects data on gas prices to help you save at the pump as well as police sightings so you don’t get in trouble for speeding.

Once you download the app, play around with it by pressing the “report” icon if you are stuck in traffic, see a cop, or pass by another hazard. This lets you send data and alert other nearby drivers of the problem. You’ll see others’ reports as small icons on the map.

4. Google Translate

Are you a world traveler? If so, you’ve probably been in a situation where the language barrier has left you feeling confused and lost. Thankfully, the Google Translate app is here to save the day. This innovative feature from Google lets you instantly decipher foreign languages into a more familiar tongue.

While the web Google Translate site has been around for a while, it’s the app that’s really taking the world by storm. After you download it on your Apple or Android device, you’ll instantly be able to type in a phrase and have it translated into one of 103 languages. Don’t have Wi-Fi? That’s no problem, as the app still works with 59 of the most common languages.

Best of all, Google Translate can now translate images and spoken word into your preferred language. This is helpful in countries where the characters aren’t available on a standard keyboard or when you’re trying to have a one-on-one conversation with a local.

5. Camscanner

Scanners and fax machines were all the rage in the 1990s and early 2000s, but they silently made their exit as we forged better and faster technology. While emails and electronic documents have replaced most of their paper counterparts, unfortunately, there are still some situations that require physical copies. For times like these, there is Camscanner.

Camscanner is an app you can download to your device that allows you to take a picture of an important document or file and convert it into an image scan. This is great if you need to physically sign a form and send it to your employer, landlord, or bank. It automatically enhances the images to create a sharper PDF and uses optical character recognition to extract text so you can edit it later.

After you’ve created your versatile PDF, JPG, or text file, you can then easily print it or even send it as a fax to over 30 different countries. You’ll never have to run to the nearest public library or FedEx printing center again.

Today’s modern society has truly given us the tools we need to improve our lives. By taking advantage of these five hacks, you too can sit back, relax, and enjoy everything the technology age has to offer.