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Napatheyorkie is a Canvas Car Subscriber!
by Canvas • January 14, 2019


Napatheyorkie is an Instagram Star and a Canvas Subscriber!

Who doesn’t love a weekend adventure or winter getaway? Both humans and man’s best friend love to cruise down the highway with the windows down and the radio on every once in a while. For four-legged, Instagram-famous, Napatheyorkie, a car subscription seemed like a great option for having a car without necessarily having to own one. Napa’s grandma was coming to Northern California from France for the holidays, so she needed to have a car for December. After negative experiences with traditional car rental companies, Napa decided to explore other options and stumbled upon Canvas.

We had the opportunity to chat with Napa about her experience living in the Bay Area and using a Canvas car subscription for the first time.

How long have you lived in California? I’ve lived in Northern California my entire life. But my human has lived here since 2009!

What’s your favorite thing about Northern California? I love how big it is, how many places you can visit during the weekend, and how convenient everything is.

What’s been your favorite weekend trip you’ve taken? I have a few favorite weekend trips. It’s too hard to pick just one because they are all so different. I’ve really loved Vegas, Death Valley, and Sand Dunes. The middle of nowhere was really cool. Napa Valley is also really nice!

How did you hear about Canvas? I found Canvas from browsing online!

What made Canvas a good choice for you? I was looking for something fast, simple, and easy. We had tried Hertz before and had a bad experience. We would think we were getting one type of car, but then we would find out they were out of the car we were looking for. They also had bad customer service.

How was your overall experience with Canvas? My experience with Canvas was honestly really cool. I didn’t believe the website at first. But I scheduled the car delivery before work, and it only took 10 minutes. It was really fast, and I liked that the delivery agent had on a Canvas shirt. After getting my car, the only thing I was worried about was adding my human’s mom as an additional driver. She’s from France. But after sending her the details, she was accepted within 10 minutes! Overall, my experience with Canvas was really great. It was very convenient and there were no surprises. I also liked that I was able to schedule pickup before work! Using Canvas to get a car was really quick and stress-free.

Thank you so much, Napatheyorkie!

Please note, some of the answers were paraphrased for clarity.