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Best cars for a big or growing family
by Canvas • December 31, 2018


Not all cars are created equal. Tiny cars have appeal for many drivers, but if you have a larger family, then you need space to match. A big vehicle lets you go on trips with your entire family, and haul groceries and other items around. If you choose your vehicle wisely, there are even plenty of seats for new arrivals in your family.

Ford Edge

The Ford Edge consistently ranks near the top of reviewers’ best family cars. It’s a two-row SUV that seats five - two seats in front and three seats in back. The interior is spacious, with plenty of room to lounge around or stow cargo. Despite its hefty size, the Edge handles gracefully, and nets surprisingly high mileage.For luxury options, choose the Edge Titanium, with its leather interior, heated seats, and safety features like collision warning and parking assist. If performance is more what you’re after, choose the Edge AWD Sport – it features many of the same luxury and safety features as the Titanium, plus a V6 engine and sport-tuned suspension.

Ford Expedition

The Expedition has been a mainstay of Ford’s lineup for many years. While it’s long been a reputable vehicle, it received a substantial revision with its fourth edition in 2018. This vehicle is an absolutely gigantic three-row sports utility vehicle, with a roomy interior that reviewers say is genuinely impressive with how much cargo it can stow. Keep your eyes peeled for power ports, storage spots, and cupholders liberally placed throughout the vehicle. Despite its size, the Expedition is not nearly as heavy as you might expect, thanks to a high-tech aluminum frame that’s efficient without sacrificing safety. That adds up to better fuel mileage: the Expedition nets about 17 miles per gallon, which sets it solidly in the mid-range for SUVs despite its huge size. And if you’re driving it on vacation, fear not: this friendly giant can tow up to four and a half tons.

Honda Odyssey

Minivans are a perennial favorite for the best family cars. So it’s no wonder that the Honda Odyssey tops so many reviewers’ lists: it’s a huge van that seats seven or eight, depending on how friendly everyone gets. Gone are the boatlike minivans of yesteryear: the Odyssey is positively sporty, with a powerful engine, zippy acceleration, and surprisingly sharp handling.The Odyssey offers some impressive safety features, like adaptive cruise control and collision detection. But the kids will love it too: features like a rear entertainment system, a WiFi hotspot, and an 11-speaker sound system mean long trips will be that much easier. Best of all, the Odyssey’s price point is affordable for many families.

Ford Focus

The Focus may not have the same sort of storage space as the big sports utility vehicles or minivans on this list, but don’t be fooled: it’s a solid choice for one of the best family cars. This five-door hatchback is by no means boring: this vehicle boasts performance that you might typically expect to see out of a sports car. (The higher-end trims even offer turbocharged engines.)If reviewers have one complaint about the Focus, it’s that the back seat is a little tight, so you may want to skip this one if you’ve been blessed with many, many kids. But with a roomy trunk and plenty of cargo room, you’ll be able to make some epic grocery runs – in record time, no less.

The Benefits of a Car Subscription Service

Of course, you can’t tell the future. Your family size, or any other vehicle needs, may change dramatically over time, without notice.

If you’ve already paid for a vehicle that doesn’t meet your new needs, you may find yourself having to make do. That’s doubly true since the vehicle you own loses so much value the minute you drive it off the lot. Selling your vehicle to buy a new one may still put you at a considerable loss. Do you hold onto a vehicle that doesn’t meet your needs, or do you sell it for a new one -which may still be insufficient?

Thankfully, you can dodge the question entirely by signing up for a vehicle subscription service like Canvas. If you have a sudden need for a bigger vehicle, we allow you to swap out your old Canvas vehicle with minimal notice, at any time, for any reason. You could even switch vehicles every month, just because you felt like it.

Car subscription services are also a great option to utilize if you know you may want to purchase a car, but want to test it out for a few months first! Best of all, we handle much of the headache of vehicle ownership for you. Your all-inclusive subscription covers your insurance, maintenance, and other expenses.

With so many options for vehicles on the market, it can be difficult to find the best family cars out there. By carefully weighing your options, you can find the best vehicle for you and the whole family!