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How to pamper your car
by Canvas • December 23, 2018


Who doesn’t love a long, warm shower or a spa day? Just like you probably enjoy a little TLC and pampering every now and then, your car does too! Taking care of your vehicle will not only help to keep it clean, but it will also keep it running nicely (with fewer breakdowns). We’re sharing our car care checklist so you can keep your car looking its very best:

It’s whats on the inside that counts

Keeping the interior of your car clean is essential. Vacuuming and wiping your car’s interior can reduce dust, dirt, and other particles. Have asthma or a sinus problems? When you vacuum the car’s interior, you’re getting rid of dirt, debris, and hair from inside. You’re also getting rid of dirt and germs from outside that can cause allergies to flare up. A quick rug vacuuming session can help you get rid of food particles and anything else that has found its way into the crevices of your car. Vacuuming also reduces the risk of ants getting in your vehicle (especially if you’re guilty of snacking in the car). Dealing with insects in your car is the last thing you want to mess with.

Tips & tricks:

  • When you vacuum, use an Oreck, Dirt Devil or Black & Decker for cars. They have mini attachments for getting under seats and in crevices.

  • If you have little ones, vacuum their car seat or the general area where they usually sit.

  • Get under the floor mats. You can wipe down your mats with soap and water. Let them air dry.

  • Vacuum the trunk space especially if you carry equipment, pets or bikes.

Is it allergy season again? If you frequently run your AC, wiping down your interior can make a significant difference. Dust particles, pollen, and ragweed can rest on your dashboard and center console. Wipe these down and wipe down the interior doors in the front and back seats.

Tips & tricks:

  • For the interior, head to your auto parts store for Carrand Oxi-Clean, Meguiar or Fast Wax Upholstery Cleaner.

Born to shine

To keep your car crystal clean, break out a little soap and water every now and then. Cleaning your car will protect the finish from fading. Your windows will also be clearer and easier to look out of when they’re spick and span.

Some gentle soap and a little bit of sudsy water can go a long way when it comes to washing your car. Or, take it to the car wash. If you’re willing to spend a little extra, have it waxed. This will shine it up nicely and protect the finish.

Tips & tricks:

  • To wash your car, use Meguiar Car Wash Solution, Karcher Vehicle Cleaner, or Chemical Guys Car Wash Soap.

Keepin it fresh

Who doesn’t love that new car smell (or the smell of some fresh pines. We’re not judging!)? Keeping an air freshener in your car can keep your vehicle smelling nice. Your air freshener can keep your vehicle smelling nice.

Tips & tricks:

  • For air fresheners try New Car Tree Air Freshener, Glade Car Plug-Ins, or Blunt Effects Fresheners.

A lot of people stuff food waste and trash in their car. It happens to the best of us (except hopefully not to this extent). However, instead of waiting until your next trip to the gas station to clear everything out - remove food and waste every time you get of your car. It keeps the air fresh and clean. Plus, you’ll avoid pesky bugs.

Slow down, Speed Racer

Would you label your driving as “fast & furious”? Do you occasionally struggle with road rage? You probably know this already, but speeding often and slamming on the brakes are bad habits to have. Driving abruptly can damage the shoes in a car and wear out the brake pads.

And what about speeding?

It’s basic math: if you speed often, there’s a pretty high probability that you will end up with a speeding ticket (or two…or three).

Tips & tricks:

  • Try to stay within the speed limit. Keep your eyes peeled for speed limit signs!

  • You can also try to find a route with less bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Ultimately, taking care of your car, keeping it clean, and giving it a little TLC can go a very long way. So don’t forget to vacuum, wipe down the interior, wash your car every now and then, reduce wear-and-tear, and keep your vehicle smelling nice.