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The top five vehicles for cyclists
by Canvas • November 9, 2018


If you’re a cycling enthusiast, you probably know there are few feelings quite like hopping on your bike and feeling the breeze in your hair. For a second, it feels like it’s just you and your bicycle. Bicycles are not only pretty dang fun, but they are also a great form of transportation. However, bikes do have a major downside: they take up a lot of room in your vehicle. Serious cyclists typically need their own cars to haul their bikes, and it can be challenging to get your bike into your car if you don’t have enough space. Luckily, many auto manufacturers are meeting these cycling space needs. So forget installing your own bike rack or hauling around a mini trailer. There are so many amazing choices that come ready to handle your hobby. While there are many vehicle choices that definitely work for cyclists, we’ve rounded up five that top our list.

Land Rover

The Land Rover has a reputation for being a dependable, yet action-oriented vehicle that is down to handle just about any terrain. The manufacturers have tailored this SUV to handle the needs of the most avid cyclists. Standard models can carry several bikes in the back as long as their wheels are removed. They produce several dedicated accessories for cyclists, including tow-bar mounted carriers that can handle two or three bikes and roof-mounted fork and wheel-mounted carriers. Altogether, the Land Rover can handle two bikes on the roof, two in the trunk and three on the tailgate. If you wanted to carry the entire cycling club on your own, you totally could.

Nissan Leaf

Cyclists tend to be pretty environmentally conscious, which can conflict with their need for a roomy, bike-friendly vehicle. The Nissan Leaf is a fully electric car that can get up to 105 miles per charge, making it a great option for those looking for a more environmentally friendly option. Plus, the car has a long body that can handle a roof rack for your bicycles. Additionally, the trunk is roomy enough for the rest of your cycling equipment. The Leaf is also low enough to allow for easy bike unloading.

Ford Escape

The Ford Escape is a sports utility vehicle that can handle rugged terrain while transporting you and your bicycles comfortably. It has 68 cubic feet of cargo space, and it includes fold-down rear backseats. Even with the back seats up, the Escape has more than enough room for a bike or two. This SUV also comes with roof rack rails and available crossbars, so it has the ability to carry several bikes on top as well as several inside. The Escape is truly the best of both worlds, offering both comfort and practicality for any cyclist.

Volkswagen California

The Volkswagen California is a dream vehicle for avid cyclists, especially for those who love long cycling excursions. It can easily carry all of your equipment along with several passengers. The California is actually a very comfortable camper van that even comes with an optional shower. Spontaneous weekend road trip in the mountains? No problems for the Volkswagen California.

Nissan Rogue

The five-passenger Nissan Rogue allows you to pursue your cycling pursuits in style. This compact crossover offers a motion-activated liftgate that make loading your bikes and biking equipment a piece of cake. It also has a Divide-N-Hide cargo system that helps you organize the rest of your cargo. Just make sure to add the roof rail attachments to your Rogue so that you can really get the most out of it.

Cycling is a wonderful hobby that not only offers physical benefits, but also provides mental clarity and stress relief. It helps preserve the environment and reduces road-blocking traffic. While biking can be both an incredible hobby and a great form of transportation, lack of vehicle space can be a common issue for avid cyclists. Trying to cram your bikes and gear into some cars can quickly turn into a daunting challenging. If you are in the market for a new vehicle that supports your active lifestyle, you should definitely keep those five vehicles in mind.