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Top 5 questions about our mileage
by Canvas • November 2, 2018


How does Canvas mileage work? How many miles do I get each month? How much does it cost? Do my miles rollover if I don’t use them all in one month? These are a few questions you may be asking yourself if you’re considering Canvas. Mileage is definitely an important aspect of having or using a car, so it’s important to know what you’re working with and what your options are.

How does Canvas mileage work?

Every Canvas car comes loaded with 500 miles per month - for free. However, if you need more than 500, we have options! From 850 miles to unlimited, select the mileage package that suits your needs.

Can I change my mileage package as I go?

You can upgrade your mileage package during your current billing period, so the extra miles are available immediately. Your next month’s statement will contain an extra charge for the increased cost of mileage. We’ll maintain your upgraded mileage package into subsequent months until it’s downgraded back.

How much does it cost if I go over my monthly mileage?

You can always upgrade your mileage package during your current billing period. However, if you do happen to go over your mileage package and you choose not to upgrade, it costs $0.15 per mile over. In some cases it is cheaper to pay the overage, but for some, it makes a lot more sense just to upgrade!

Do my miles rollover if I don’t use them all in one month?

Canvas offers rollover miles! Rollover miles are any unused miles remaining at the end of your billing period. For example, if you have the 500 monthly miles package and only drove 400 miles during the billing period, the 100 unused miles will be carried (or rolled) over to your next period. However, if you have the unlimited miles package, you will not be able to rollover your miles if you downgrade. If you swap cars, you will not be able to rollover miles to your next vehicle.

How is my mileage tracked?

Each of our cars comes equipped with a little computer that tracks mileage. We use the reported mileage to track unused (or rollover) miles and any overages. To give you one less thing to worry about, we’ll send you an email when you reach 75%, 90%, and 100% of your mileage package each month. This way, there are no surprises.

We hope that could answer any mileage questions you may have! If you any more questions, feel free to shoot us an email at support@drivecanvas or give us a call at 844-863-2687. We’re always happy to help!