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Caleb Sturgis: A professional football player and new car subscriber!
by Canvas • October 1, 2018


Caleb Sturgis is a Chargers Football Player and a Canvas Car Subscriber!

Life can often be unpredictable. For professional football player Caleb Sturgis, life made a complete 360 as he and his wife packed up and made the move from Florida to Southern California after he signed with the Chargers this past April. In a period of change, it can be nice to have one headache taken care of.

We have one Chargers fan on the Canvas team who was elated to sit down and chat with Caleb about his experience moving to Los Angeles and using a Canvas car.

You signed with the Chargers recently, so when did you move to Southern California? I signed in April, got to LA in May and picked up my car then for a 4 month tenure.

How do you like LA? I love LA. It’s a dead time right now. We can go home. We like it so much out here, so we’re staying all summer.

What’s your favorite things about LA so far? There are a lot of things that I really like - the weather is permanently nice, which is especially great for playing golf. Even with the heatwaves, it’s nothing compared to Florida. The beaches have elevation and cliffs, which is really nice. Crystal Cove State Park was one of the first beaches I visited here. It feels like a permanent vacation up here in California. My brother and cousin are in LA now.

Is there anything you miss from home? I grew up in North Florida, and my wife is from Central Florida, Gainesville. We got a place there. This is now my third team, so it’s nice to have a place that you call home. I do miss my family and friends in Florida.

What made Canvas a good choice for you? I was in between cars, and my wife’s car was back in Florida. I own a 2008 truck, but I wanted to buy a new car. Where do I buy it? Do I ship it? It’s $3,000 to ship it, and rental cars are tiny for $1,500 a month.

What do you enjoy about Canvas? Canvas was so easy. I couldn’t believe the pricing, and I didn’t have to get a new license registered in California. I’m not a big luxury car person, and I like reliable cars. I want my car to get the job done, and I don’t want to have to worry about breaking down. With Canvas, the service is taken care of. As many headaches as you can remove during the season is a major plus. You can’t really put a dollar amount on that.

Earlier you said you thought it made sense for other players…. Do you think it makes sense for other people in your shoes? It makes so much sense for the majority of players in the NFL. 30 guys will feel pretty confident that they’ll be there for a year or two. But for many guys, they’re on the bubble. When they make cuts, you could get picked up. You could be on a plane tomorrow. It’s a tenuous situation. You already have your place to take care of - the last thing you want to deal with is the car as well. It would be awesome for these guys to have a subscription and give the car back. The fee is so small compared to the cost of shipping.

Thank you so much, Caleb. We wish you and the Los Angeles Chargers luck this season!

Please note, some of the answers were paraphrased for clarity.