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7 things to remember when you move
by Canvas • September 12, 2018


Did you know that the average American moves more than 11 times during their lifetime according to the U.S. Census Bureau? While beginning a new chapter of your life can be both incredible and exciting, there is no denying that the actual process of moving is not usually an easy (or fun) one. In the chaos of packing (and most likely mislabeling) what feels like hundreds of boxes, there are a lot of little, but important, things that can slip our minds. Whether you are making a 20 mile relocation just a few towns over or a huge cross-country move from the East Coast to the West - planning a move takes time and strategic thinking.

Here are 7 roadblocks you may encounter during your move and how to get around them:

1. You realize just how much stuff you have.

• Whether you’re downsizing or moving somewhere with a completely different layout, there is a pretty likely chance that you may need to shed a few (or a lot more than a few) things. If you’ve been procrastinating spring cleaning, decluttering can be the best thing to do before moving. You don’t want to take things with you that you know you won’t use or won’t fit in your new space.

Solution: Though you can always donate your belongings, selling them is a great way to make some extra cash (because we all know that moving can be very expensive). If you’re looking to get rid of some of your things, the app Letgo is a great tool for selling anything from electronics or furniture. You can also use it to find great deals on things you may be looking to purchase.

2. The new place requires rental insurance.

• Regardless if you’re moving to an apartment or home, it’s definitely important to make sure that you are protecting the stuff you own. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Solution: Lemonade is an awesome (and simple) subscription app for finding the perfect insurance that suits you. From $5 monthly for renters insurance and $25 monthly for homeowners insurance, Lemonade provides wallet-friendly coverage.

3. Your new life is gonna need a set of wheels.

• You may be moving from New York (where you didn’t have to own a vehicle) to sunny LA for a job that requires you to drive to the office. Or maybe you just aren’t ready to commit to purchasing a new car yet

Solution: Either way - Canvas is a monthly subscription option where you can have the car anywhere from one month to a year (or more). All you have to do is choose the car you want, the mileage package you need, and the length of time you want the car. Insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance are already included so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

4. Your clothes won’t wash themselves.

• Let’s face it. Laundry is the worst chore - whether you have you have an in-unit washer/dryer or have to head to the laundromat on the corner.

Solution: Looking for an easy one-stop shop for all of your laundry needs? Rinse is a stress-free way to take care of anything from dry cleaning to wash and fold. Whether you’re looking for a long term solution for handling your weekly laundry or you need something ease the transition of settling into a new place, Rinse is definitely a service to check out.

5. Moving expenses are adding up and your wallet needs a breather.

• Moving can be a very expensive process, and it can definitely be important to save money where you can during that time.

Solution: Trim allows you to save money and trim down your bills (pun intended). From negotiating your new internet bill to finding (and canceling) unwanted subscriptions from your old neighborhood, Trim can help you save money without a lot of work on your end.

6. You’re finally ready to upgrade that couch.

• Hauling furniture across the country can be a pain, especially if you know you may not be in your new city forever. Why be locked down to your furniture if you don’t have to be?

Solution: Feather lets you to subscribe to your furniture, then decide if you want to swap, buy, renew or return it. With tons of amazing options from Pottery Barn, Casper, West Elm and more, Feather is a great solution to any furniture woes. We especially love their “take the quiz” feature so you can find the best furniture for you and your space.

7. You’re in search of a new favorite hole-in-the-wall mexican restaurant.

• Pretty soon after moving, it might hit you that you have absolutely no idea where the best place to get a haircut near your new place is or even where the best coffee near you is located (that’s obviously a very important one if we do say so ourselves).

Solution: With hundreds and thousands of reviews, we’d be shocked if you hadn’t used it before. So, don’t forget to use Yelp to find those local gems that you will definitely be craving after your move. You can read reviews, make reservations, and even check out on the map where each spot is located.

Regardless of where or why you’re moving, there are a lot of services out there that can help make your move more painless. If you keep an eye out for those tricky challenges that easily slip our minds, you’ll be ready for everything. Happy moving!