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5 ways car subscriptions are like Netflix
by Mina Z. • July 23, 2018

Car Subscriptions are More Like Netflix Than You Would Think..

You might be asking yourself, what’s a subscription to a car? Well, that’s why we think comparing car subscriptions to Netflix might make it easier for everyone to understand.

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We know that comparing a car subscription to streaming movies sounds a little strange. But stay with us here. Even though our tech-savvy cars offer a lot of cool features, we’re not saying that they’re equipped with a stash of your favorite Rom-Coms or anything. Still, the things you enjoy about Netflix will sound familiar when you see what makes car subscriptions (but especially Canvas) awesome.

  1. Flexibility. If you have the opportunity to go on an amazing European vacation, you might want to cancel your TV service for a few months and save up. You can’t do that if you’re locked in with a big cable company. But Netflix lets you plan your life around your life — instead of your long-term contracts. Cable companies had to adapt as more flexible products like Netflix have popped up, and we think traditional car financing should do the same. So, at Canvas, we value flexibility the same way Netflix does, but we do it with cars. Once you have a subscription with us, you can stay in your first car, swap to a different car, or skip a month or two. Just let us know when you don’t want or need a car anymore, and we’ll come and pick it up.

  2. You can sign up online — at any time. Netflix isn’t Best Buy or Blockbuster (anyone remember those?) — it’s an online streaming service. Just like signing up for Netflix at midnight, you can get online and reserve your car. You can shop around, check out features, and pick the car that’s best for you with just a few clicks. The entire rental process starts and ends online. Easy.

  3. There’s just one bill. When you sign up for a Netflix subscription, you can enjoy all the coolest shows, movies, and specials for a single, small monthly fee. One subscription = all the services. Canvas works like that too. Our subscription includes: registration, insurance, full maintenance, comprehensive warranty, built in FasTrack, and a concierge-like roadside assistance. Everything folds into one simple bill.

  4. You don’t have to do the heavy lifting. Netflix puts all the shows you love in one place. You don’t have to buy a million hard copies of movies that you awkwardly store in the hall closet, and you don’t have to have tons of devices that your mom can’t figure out. You simply push a button to watch House of Cards. Just like that, we’re a one-stop-shop too. We own our fleet, and we take care of all the boring stuff, like getting the cars registered and ready to go. You just drive.

  5. This is your show, not ours. Simply put, you get to pick what you’re in the mood for. Some months you may watch through your queue of last season’s OITNB while others you may dive into the Recently Added section for a funky new documentary. Whether it’s a classic thriller or choosing your mileage package (and upgrading or downgrading as you please), you are free to customize and enjoy the Canvas service your way. Whichever way that is. Oh! And did we mention that we offer car swaps? If you are craving a new SUV like you crave a good horror movie, we’ve got your back.

These days, Netflix is a part of our day-to-day lives. So, why not car subscriptions? We know easier is better and flexibility is important in this day and age — that’s why we built Canvas.