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When would someone want a car subscription?
by Canvas • June 28, 2018

Could a Canvas Car Subscription Be The Right Fit For You?

That’s a question we get a lot. Car subscriptions are new, and they might be a little intimidating. Sometimes it’s not clear when just why someone would want to have a car they don’t own. Other times, it may not be easy to understand how subscriptions work at all or how to best take advantage of their offering.

That’s why we’re here to help.


Canvas was created with the vision that we would work to address the needs of the modern driver. Today, our subscription platform gives our customers cars when they need them loaded with perks like included comprehensive insurance and flexible miles. The subscription we offer at Canvas gives our users an opportunity to select a term length that best suits their needs. What if you don’t know exactly what you needs might be? Well, that’s the beauty of our platform — it can be used in a lot of ways. Check it out.

You know what you need. Not everyone has an ever-changing day-to-day. Some of us have comfortable routines that may require a car, but not all of us love the challenges of traditional ownership. With our routines, we may need a car to find gourmet grub from that new place that just popped up in the city, to grab a cup of coffee from the local watering hole, or to wrap up all of our errands so we can take off for an extended weekend getaway. We need to get around — that much is clear, but we don’t need to own something that depreciates or requires tons of work to keep it or sell it down the road. And, that’s why a single car through the Canvas subscription might be the best solution for you.

We want reliability, and we often get attached to our cars — it’s true. At Canvas, subscribers who commute frequently and value routine love the option to stay in their car as long as they like; it’s a great way to leverage the subscription model. Canvas terms last from 3 to 12 months. (FYI — you can lock in a lower rate by selecting a longer term). And, if you want to stay longer than 12 months with your car, you can stay on the platform month-to-month after your 12 month have passed. The best part about our cars is that you don’t have to worry about researching for a great insurance plan or budgeting for surprise oil changes because all of the cars at Canvas include all of those perks. A Canvas subscription means paying one simple bill each month with everything you need to hit the road already included.

You like to switch things up. Some of us think of ourselves as adventure seekers (or maybe more simply — as people who value flexibility). Some months we work a lot and drive a practical commuter whip, but come vacation time, we need something a little bigger to tote our adventure gear. Unlike leasing or owning a car, with Canvas, you can swap your car for different models from our fleet. Our platform allows our customers the freedom they need to swap to whatever car is best suited for their epic plans.

How often have you been sitting in your driveway fantasizing about how great it would be to have an SUV for a month to fare the snowy mountains, or to fill with family for a short road trip? If you’re anything like some Canvas subscribers, thoughts like these have definitely crossed your mind. Sometimes switching up a day-to-day routine with a new car can be refreshing. With a subscription to Canvas, you have access to our fleet of cars that come with all the essentials you need, like warranty coverage and roadside assistance if you find yourself in a bind. All you need to pay is a $99 new vehicle fee, and you can have a different car each month if that’s your style.

You need it now and then. Maybe you’re a smart spender with a dynamic career (or maybe — more simply — you just don’t need a car all the time.). Your needs are best met not with a monthly car payment and multiple bills for maintenance and insurance, but rather with a car subscription that offers convenience and flexibility. At Canvas, some customers may leave for a couple months a year, and when they come back, they need a car again. It doesn’t make sense for them to have a car payment and insurance costs while they’re not actually using it, so Canvas allows them to do is pay for their vehicle only when they have it.

So how does that work? If you’ve got a car with Canvas, you can schedule a return, and we will meet you to pick up the vehicle. We thought you’d like the sound of that; it’s super easy. Then you can focus on packing for your trip because you won’t have to worry about where you’re going to store the car for a while. The best part? You are only required to cover the subscription fee while you’re gone.

When you’re ready to get another car from Canvas, you can select the car you’d like, double check your mileage package is what you need that next month, and schedule your new vehicle to be dropped off for a $99 new vehicle fee. This fee ensures your car is spruced up, delivered to your door, and ready to hit the road. When our customers realize they only need to pay for their car the months they’re actually in it, they quickly see how affordable and personalized a car subscription can truly be.

So, what do you think? Could Canvas be a good fit for your life?