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5 Simple steps to getting your car subscription
by Canvas • June 26, 2018

Getting a Canvas Car Subscription is 5 Steps Easy!

Life is full of the unknown; it’s jam-packed with uncertainty. We try to stay on top of our budgets and plan for any bumps we might find along the road, but it’s impossible to predict what curve balls we might be thrown. When people started realizing they could subscribe to their local newspapers instead of trekking to the newsie stand, they loved it because it simplified a daily routine. It is much easier (and more predictable) to get a paper dropped on your doorstep than it is to scurry through a busy city to buy today’s headlines.

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Now we’re starting to see all kinds of subscriptions. Want razors delivered to your door monthly? Easy. It seems obvious: we crave simplicity and convenience. That’s why we created Canvas. We challenge traditional car ownership and provide a simple subscription solution to getting behind the wheel. How simple you ask? 5 steps simple.

Step 1: Rethink car ownership What do we know about car ownership? Well, we know it is a huge decision to buy a car, usually accompanied by large costs, lengthy paperwork, and research. People are left wondering, what kind of car do I buy and who do I buy from? Will this car last as long as I need? Others ask, when I don’t need it, will I have kept it in a condition where I can recoup some of my costs? What insurance do I need? Can I afford routine maintenance? The most important question, from our perspective, is why does it need to be this way? Buying a car has historically been one person in one car with one financing option. Today, we think you should be able to commit to a platform — not the car. That’s why we’re here! Canvas offers easy and personalized car subscriptions for the modern driver. Now that we’ve wrangled your attention, step one is complete.

Step 2: Visit Canvas and reserve a car The signup process is very easy, and all takes place online. If you thought you had to comb your hair or find matching shoes to search car lots for your next ride, don’t worry! Grab a snack and throw your sweatpants back on because you can relax while browsing our inventory of available cars.

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First, you’ll select a subscription term anywhere from 3–12+ months. If you select a longer term, you can lock in lower subscription prices. Then, you select the car you like and the mileage plan best that best suits you. Remember, our platform is flexible. You can update your mileage package when you need a different one, swap a car when you’re ready for a change, or even extend your subscription length if you want.

Step 3: Schedule a delivery Seriously, we deliver cars to your door! It’s not a joke, and just like our newspapers and monthly razors, your car will be delivered to your home! Canvas even offers options for those who live outside our widening delivery range by allowing our customers to come meet us at any address within the delivery zone. When your car is ready for you, you’ll receive a text it’s on its way alongside a knowledgeable Canvas delivery agent.

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Step 4: Check out your car When your delivery agent arrives, you’ll receive another text alerting you that your car is outside and ready for your inspection. You and the agent will briefly inspect your car, give you some time to ask about any features or other questions you may have, and then you’ll be asked to sign your agreement on a tablet.

Finally, your delivery agent will hand over your keys with a smile and answer any questions you might have.

Step 5: Stay, Swap, or Skip You have your car, and you’re ready to drive on your terms. So, what does stay, swap or skip mean? We know that life happens, so we built a platform that is customizable to your exact needs. When you’re a subscriber with us, you can choose to stay in your first car, swap for another vehicle, or even skip a couple months of vehicle fees. Want to take an extended vacay to Tahoe and need to swap to an SUV? No problem. Swap your vehicle for a small fee and have it seamlessly swapped out in your driveway just in time for your trip. Is work sending you to headquarters for a month? Then skip a little while and only worry about the subscription fee while you’re gone. With Canvas, you can return your car and skip a vehicle fee while still enjoying the low 12-mo monthly price. When you need a car again, you can have one delivered!

Subscriptions are amazing because they streamline our otherwise hectic lives. With Canvas, no longer will you have to drag yourself out of the house and face the world in search of a car solution, your car driven in your choice of pants — sweats if you like. Organize your stay, swap, or skip, all form the comfort of your home. We love simple and we bet you do too. Curious to learn more? Check out Canvas to begin your reservation today!