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How to get the most out of your car subscription
by Canvas • May 1, 2018

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Ready to Get The Most Out of Your Canvas Car Subscription?

Here at Canvas, we think the idea of car ownership is one that needs changing. Traditional car ownership hasn’t changed in 100 years. Why does it have to be that way?

Pro tip: *it doesn’t. *

We created a platform to address a variety of modern mobility needs while looking to the future. More importantly, we want to lay the framework for a future where people are able to better personalize their transportation options with a suite of services. People want flexibility - because life requires it.

When most of us have ever changing needs and schedules, our transportation plans need to be accommodating and customizable. With Canvas, your options are flexible and tailored to fit your life: everything from the way you utilize your subscription to the car you drive while subscribed. We know the idea of signing up for a subscription term can seem intimidating, but it really shouldn’t be. The best part of our model is you can get a subscription with rates that decrease with a longer term, but you don’t have to always have a car with us. Remember, joining our platform doesn’t mean you have to commit to a car forever. So, how do you get the most out of a subscription like ours? With the options to “Stay, swap, or skip” of course.


When you first sign up for Canvas you will be prompted to select the type of car you want, the length of your subscription term, and the mileage package you need (from 500 standard to unlimited). When you subscribe to our platform, the length of time you select will be associated with a price that decreases the longer your term. Simply put, it pays to stay.

Our platform benefits subscribers who want to use a car here and there, but also meets the needs of subscribers who know they want a car and plan to keep it a while. We see many customers staying in their first car for months and months and we love when they tell us how much they love their car with Canvas. One of our subscribers even told us that he felt like he bonded with his car. We love that!


When you’re subscribed to our platform, you never have to worry about being married to a single vehicle. If you get into your first car with us — say a Focus — and realize after a month or two you need more space because of that golf class you and your mate just signed up for, you can swap your car for a different ride from our platform. Maybe you’ll get an Explorer to tote around your equipment to the putting greens. It’s that simple — actually, it’s simpler. When you need your next car from Canvas, you schedule your swap. We’ll pick up your car and deliver the new one for a small fee. Poof — a seamless way to get different vehicles when you need them.


Another way to utilize your car subscription with Canvas is to skip a couple months of having a car. Yes- seriously. While subscribed, you can return your car for a month or so. Let’s say you’re going to be traveling for a while, maybe for vacation, and you won’t be driving your car, you can return your car to us. During that time, you’re only charged your subscription price. There are no vehicle fees when you return your car and don’t have one with us. With your continued subscription, you’ll be able to have a new vehicle delivered when you’re ready to get another car from our fleet.

Canvas has the modern driver covered.

Most leases require you to commit to a single car for at least 2–5 years and often require a hefty down payment. If you want to switch your car for another one, forget about it — unless you have a small fortune to break your lease or time to find someone to take it over. When you’re buying or financing, you’re unable to skip a car payment just because, for example, you’re upcoming vacation means you won’t be needing to drive it. With Canvas, you can subscribe for a term and only pay the vehicle component of your monthly bill for the months you need a car.

Canvas fits in the space that traditional car ownership leaves room for. Our platform offers a lower barrier to entry than leasing or financing, the cars are easier to maintain, and our all-inclusive service lets subscribers chose their cars when and how they need them. When subscribers realize how they can leverage the benefits of our subscription through stay, swap, or skip abilities, they realize how flexible and valuable our platform is.