Are Land Rovers Expensive to Maintain? (Answered)

Land Rovers are very luxurious SUV cars that many people adore, and that’s because they have an impressive design along with many other features one could love to see in a car.

Something important you should know about Land Rovers is that they come as the best value SUVs ever made, especially in the year 2020, when Land Rover earned lots of awards.

Anyways, the important thing and the main aim of this article is to answer the question Are Land Rovers Expensive to Maintain? Let’s find out!

So, Are Expensive to Maintain?

Even though Land Rovers have impressive value when it comes to purchasing them, something heartbreaking happens after it is the whole maintenance procedure.

Land Rovers are super-expensive in the maintenance part!

An overall study made specifically for the maintenance of a Land Rover showed the result that this car’s cost in terms of maintenance goes around 2000$ per year, and to be honest that’s quite expensive!

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Main Reason Why Land Rovers Are Expensive to Maintain – The Expensive Car Parts

Now, you know that Land Rovers are expensive SUVs when it comes to maintaining or repairing them in case something goes wrong, but there are some reasons behind this fact!

Land Rovers are expensive because of their luxury first and then the main reason that follows includes all the expensive car parts. Let me mention to you some of the most important parts of a Land Rover that may need maintenance or repair and the reasons why they are so expensive!


The most important part of a car, such as a Land Rover, is the wheels it has, and even though the brand uses some of the highest-quality wheels for Land Rovers, they may need replacement after some time.

As a general rule of thumb, all four wheels of a Land Rover may cost you around 1000$, which is by the way one of the most extreme parts in a car regarding the expenses.

Still, something to know is the fact that Lan Rovers wheels come in different materials, and the repair is based on what you choose.


Another super expensive thing you may have to repair in your Land Rover car is the windshield. In case it needs replacement, there is a massive amount of money you may have to pay.

Only a windshield replacement for a Land Rover in most places costs about 1600$! Also, in case there is a crack or chip, it may cost 150$.


Shockingly enough, another Land Rover part that when replaced can cost lots of money is the exhaust! First things first, I want to mention that in a luxurious car like the Land Rover, the exhaust is luxurious as well.

Repairing an exhaust in your Land Rover will cost you 200-300$, meanwhile, if there is the need for a complete requirement, you will have to pay more than 500$.


In case you have a broken brake pedal or you have to make a change in the brake system overall, a Land Rover doesn’t fall into the category with affordable brakes!

As shocking as it may sound, a whole brake system for a Land Rover has a price of 900-1000$.

Oil Filters

The only thing that is considered affordable in maintaining a Land Rover is the oil filters that need to change from time to time, and still, they are more expensive when compared to other less-luxurious SUVs.

The oil filters for a Land Rover cost from 30 to 100$. It may be affordable for some people, but as said, when compared to others cars, these prices are very expensive, and once again, it depends on what you choose to use.

How Often is Maintenance Required for a Land Rover? – In Mileage

Land Rovers generally have some specific times when you have to do some repairs and all of them fall in the category of maintaining a Land Rover properly.

These repairs all depend on the mileage that your Land Rover has achieved and they are divided into some specific requirements your car might have.

A Land Rover requires repairing when it reaches 7,500 miles, 15,000 miles, 22,000 miles, 30,000 miles, 37,000 miles, and 45,000 miles.

  • At 7,500 miles you may need an oil filter change.
  • At 15,000 miles Land Rovers require oil changes, check-ups of air filters, and safety inspections.
  • At 22,000 miles the concern should be mostly pointed at the brakes and the requirements they bring.
  • At 30,000 miles check out the fuel filter and the brake fluid.
  • At 37,000 miles your car needs quite a detailed check-up on the transmission.
  • At 45,000 miles a Land Rover needs super detailed maintenance on the whole engine, including the most minor parts a car can own.

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Final Words

So, Land Rovers are really great cars, but the maintaining part is really painful as these cars have different requirements in different specific reaches, especially on the mileage part I mentioned above.

Surely enough, luxury itself plays a huge role, but all the parts a Land Rover owns are very expensive when they have to be replaced with new ones and cost thousands of dollars.

I hope you liked what you read thus far and I hope I helped you find everything you needed to know about maintaining a Land Rover. Happy driving!